I"m certain this question has actually been answer before. But what transfer-Case liquid is essential ATF or ATF+4?ThanksSent from mine SM-N910W8 utilizing Tapatalk




I must replace mine, go you guys also readjust the filter at the same time?Mine probably has never to be serviced before.

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I did. Figured I would certainly not it is in under there the often and now I recognize when it to be done.Edit: no coffee yet this thread was originally around transfer situation for i beg your pardon as far as I know there is no filter. For transmission I did readjust filter
I did. Figured I would not be under there that often and also now I understand when it to be done.Edit: no coffee yet this thread to be originally about transfer case for i beg your pardon as much as I know there is no filter. For transmission I did change filter
I was low on Coffee too, possibly i"m confuse, however i think i execute read transfer situation has a filter. Will doble check.
I was low ~ above Coffee too, maybe i"m confuse, but i think i carry out read transfer case has a filter. Will certainly doble check.
Now i recall, ns does not desire to separate the transfer case to gain to the filter for this reason I organize on swap the fluid.http://www.4wdmechanix.com/NP231-and-NV231-Jeep-Wrangler-Transfer-Case-Rebuild-Part-1?r=1
BigWheel88Now i recall, i does not want to separate the transfer situation to gain to the filter so I host on swap the fluid.http://www.4wdmechanix.com/NP231-and-NV231-Jeep-Wrangler-Transfer-Case-Rebuild-Part-1?r=1
Literally any kind of ATF is good in ours Wrangler deliver cases. Ours transfer instances are certainly not fussy about the exact type of ATF they run on favor our transmissions absolutely are. Mercon, Dexron, ATF+4, space all simply as good inside the deliver case.Jeep only recommends the same kind of ATF the the automatically transmission calls for to save things simple. As execute I, I just use the exact same ATF in my 241 tcase the my automatic infection requires.But if you have a manual transmission and don"t care which ATF you have actually on the shelf in your garage, you have the right to buy any type of ATF that you desire or is ~ above sale because that the deliver case.
BigWheel88View attachment 15234Now i recall, ns does not desire to different the transfer case to gain to the filter so I hold on swap the fluid.http://www.4wdmechanix.com/NP231-and-NV231-Jeep-Wrangler-Transfer-Case-Rebuild-Part-1?r=1
I wouldn"t issue about an altering the filter. I haven"t heard of anyone transforming it when they execute a liquid change. And also there"s not lot to it is in filter in a transfer case as far as ns know. Only thing come watch the end for would certainly be cleaning the inside of the drain plug off. Most have magnets on the inside that will catch any kind of metal shavings that are floating about from normal wear and also tear.
Wonder the same however never went the far. If you uncover something let us know. I will not concern much around the filter if just an altering the fluid, yet knowing is a oil pump there will certainly be worth to take it a look if you space working top top it like installing the SYE.
I wouldn"t issue about transforming the filter. Ns haven"t heard that anyone an altering it when they do a fluid change. And there"s not much to be filter in a transfer case as far as ns know. Only thing to watch out for would certainly be clean the within of the drainpipe plug off. Most have magnets top top the within that will certainly catch any type of metal shavings that space floating approximately from regular wear and also tear.

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I am means in over my head and also have a few questions if it is ok.I have a 2000 hands-on 4.0 Sahara and also want to adjust the transfer situation fluid. I have been looking virtual for hours and also can"t work-related out which situation I have. Walk anybody know?Also, and I know this is going come sound an extremely dense, but is transfer situation fluid and transmission fluid the very same thing?
The transfer instance should have a stole plate bolted on near the to fill plug that need to state what one your have yet you should have actually the 231. Since you have actually a hand-operated the fluids will be different, plenty of recommended Redline MTL because that the tranny and also literally any form of ATF for the carry case.
Assuming you have a hands-on I recommend Redline MTL, girlfriend can inspect out an ext here https://barisalcity.org/threads/wrangler-tj-fluid-capacities.195/Because that 2000 friend should have actually the NV3550
Assuming you have a manual I recommend Redline MTL, friend can examine out more here https://barisalcity.org/threads/wrangler-tj-fluid-capacities.195/Because that is 2000 girlfriend should have actually the NV3550
Thank you so much for your help. Correct is that a manual. Exactly how did you occupational out that the 2000 is attached to the NV3550, I have been looking at that link and also can watch 4 different species of 5 rate manuals. Is there a means to make sure which transmission case I have?

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