I have actually a 2000 jeep cherokee classic. I am having trouble remove the casing so ns can acquire to the old heater main point to eliminate it. I need step by step to number out just how to remove the heater core. Ns am now stuck because I cannot seem to remove the actual housing box that holds the heater core. I need help with that. I am going to try to eliminate all the bolts indigenous firewall to watch if that will loosen that up. Any suggestions?

The ones that pass all the way through will certainly be apparent when looking at them. If girlfriend gently rock the housing, you will have the ability to tell what suggest is hold it.

Ok, for this reason I have removed every bolts attaching package to firewall. Ns still can not get this stupid thing out so I deserve to open that to replace the heater core. I even removed the bolt the was hard to gain to. Any kind of other ideas? I have actually heard some people say lock have had to rest the box/housing open however I really don"t think ns wanna execute that.

ns can't tell friend what you missed. Here's the ar of the bolts. It could just be grounding on the weather packing they placed it together with.

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Ok, this may be entirely wrong. I have removed all bolts now thanks come the diagram. It still will certainly not come loose. That looks prefer the AC accumulator(? ns am talking around the silver cylindrical item on passenger side under the hood)is attached come the back part of housing? carry out I require to figure out just how to remove that too?
The system has to be evacuated an initial and then eliminate the accumulator and liquid line.Here is a guide to help you gain the job done.https://www.barisalcity.org/articles/re-charge-an-air-conditioner-systemPlease allow us recognize if you require anything rather to acquire the problem fixed.Cheers
Well, ns really do appreciate your assist and expertise. You helped me sufficient to check out that i did acquire in end my head v this job. So, on the note, many thanks again. I will have to go another route. I have actually a few mechanics the I have the right to call. I was do the efforts to stop it in ~ all expenses (no pun intended). Thanks again.
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