Gutted!!Just when you think girlfriend have everything sorted, an additional one appears?Took the automobile out ~ above Sunday for a 60 mile round expedition to the parental house. ~ above the way I gained a "Gearbox Fault" warning ~ above the dash board? i pulled end turned off the engine and also re started, warning gone? lugged on the trip and the fault showed up again.While the warning is top top it appears to continue to be at high revs? as though the can"t do top equipment (40mph

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3000 revs) anyway maintained the speed down and also carried on.I"ve searched all over the internet to uncover the answer but nothing definite has been found? The vehicle had to be standing for a main or so in the street v the cold weather and also rain. I have read about the opportunity that it might be the battery? Although it fires up first go every time no matter exactly how long it has actually stood? The battery is a actual jag battery so might be the original? Im getting a password reader ~ above it morning if I get the chance, so view what the brings? (Will report findings)In the while ........ Anyone else had actually this problem? found a fix? and how much?

Probably the batt but also check the cable hasn"t extended (or is in in need of adjusting) that goes between transition lever and autobox.If still no fault found, examine for engine fault codes together an unhappy engine often upsets the trans.
I had actually the exact same gearbox fault as soon as towing a caravan....... I"d been driving for around 50 miles.... Quit for a break, brought on driving and also a couple miles later the warning came on, and also as you described it to be over revving.... Until I had actually to protect against going increase a hill........ I quit turned off, restarted and all to be fine for one more 100 miles plus !!!!While us were away it occurred a pair of time again without the warning coming on, that was as if that hadn"t selected the equipment correctly..... Stopping, putting in park and reselecting the gear again and also all was fine. Not had a problem due to the fact that !!!!!!!! "touch Wood" what I perform is pick drive and wait till it engages equipment before accelerating !!!Paul....2000 Stype sport 3.0.

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Hi all,Sorry for the delay in update this thread. Just had actually the OBD2 on the auto to check for fault codes about the gearbox fault! The auto has stood for a week, together usual fired up first turn the the key! take it it because that a spin "normal driving" and waited because that the gearbox fault to appear on the dash.After about 3 miles it appeared, therefore I quit the car and checked because that codes. I gained P0795 (pressure regulate solenoid C)
Cleared the code, restarted the engine and also drove until the fault showed up again, the checked the code and got the same code.Had a examine online and found who on the jaguar had actually done the replacement for this component (low cost) 4-5 hrs work. LINKPity all the pictures are gone?Has anyone else done this job? If so any pics / diagrams / advice?Thanks in advanceUPDATE...Just been browsing google and found the fault maybe (pressure control solenoid stuck)?
Bottom list. (short circuit to ground?)Could this be just a negative earth? or something similar?