Your SRS light need to turn on each time you start your vehicle, and also revolve off if whatever is working effectively. An SRS light that stays on suggests a trouble with your main SRS unit, airbags, or with the power supply.

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This write-up applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002).

The Supplepsychological Restraint System (SRS) light continues to be on when it is indicating a trouble through your car"s SRS computer, airbags, the steering wheel, or the driver"s seat. A problem through the car"s computer system frequently indicates that the light won’t recollection on its own. The light also deserve to indicate that something–such as your gauge cluster or SRS harness–is unplugged. Also, store in mind that easier troubles choose a weak or low-voltage battery could cause the SRS light to stay on. You deserve to reset the light on your own; yet, this won’t address any underlying issue(s). To correctly uncover out what the reason is, you could want to take it to an auto shop or the auto dealership. But if you simply want it to rotate off, follow these DIY measures.

Figure 3. Connect terminals of the two-pin company connector to run a diagnostic test on your SRS unit.

Tip 3 – Replace SRS unit

A faulty SRS unit can define why your SRS light won"t remain off, also after you attempt resetting it. Before replacing the entire unit, make certain all relationships are tight. Loose connections can cause the SRS light to continue to be on also, and also tightening the relations can regularly settle the concern.

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Disattach your battery, and wait in between three to 5 minutes prior to replacing your SRS unit.The SRS unit is mounted on the floorboard close to the firewall, which is behind the stock radio. To access the unit, rerelocate the center console and two side panels. Tbelow is one screw and also one clip on the driver’s side. Tbelow are 2 clips on the passenger"s side.Use a T30 Torx screwdriver to rerelocate the 4 screws holding the SRS unit in place. There are two screws on height and two on the side. Be careful not to drop any kind of of these screws right into the AC vents.Before unplugging the unit, make sure all relationships are tight. A loose harness link have the right to reason the SRS light to turn on, so tightening the link might resolve the problem without having to install a brand-new one. At this suggest, reaffix the battery to examine if the light transforms off. If the relationships are tight and also the SRS light stays on, disconnect the battery and proceed on.Unplug the three connectors to the SRS unit. Plug in the new unit and secure it in place through the four screws. Rearea the facility console, and also the two side panels.Reattach the battery and rotate the ignition on. The SRS light need to currently be off.