I adjusted the water pump that was leaking and went ahead and readjusted timing belt also set the timing marks. Currently the automobile will run, yet will not idle and runs rough. Need assist

Its really likely belt is one tooth off, once tension was applied on idler pulley video camer pulley relocated out of ideal alignment. Below are indict on just how to replace the timing belt correctly. Here is a guide to help you step by step with indict in the diagrams listed below to present you just how on your car.

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https://www.barisalcity.org/diagrams/honda/accord/2004Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know what happens.




You need to be really cautious with this engine. This is an interference engine which means rotating the engine once out that time deserve to bend the valves.
There to be one issue I ran right into on the front financial institution cam sprocket that did not have actually a timing note like the rear bank and crank sprocket so that may be the issue.
The only thing I could find online was going off the number 1 stamped right into the sprocket and not sure if that was right.
that is exactly how I have actually it time is over there anything else I deserve to do other than a compression test? I have a really low budget. Lol, the hands-on said something around resetting the pcm idle.
no if you intend to uncover out what is wrong with it. You deserve to probably borrow/rent a compression tester from the neighborhood auto parts store.
Other group problem2004 Honda Accord V6 front Wheel drive Automatic 71250 milesGarage name : tires add to When must I adjust the timing belt ~ above a 2004-Honda Accord? I currently have 71,250. Mile on mine car and also the Tires Plus firm is insisting I change it now or my engine will certainly be damaged.
inspect your owners manual. I think the reference is to adjust it at 90,000 miles. I didn"t readjust my till 115,000 mile on mine "96 Accord. The problem is, if the breaks prior to you change it, the will reason a lot of of damages that will cost an ext than just transforming the belt. I"m comes up on 200,000 miles and will be transforming the belt again. I"m going to try doing it myself this time. An excellent Luck.
my Honda 2004 pilot has actually no troubles dealership states I must replace time belt as scheduled maintainence because that 82,000 mile fir 1000$ is the true?
Honda recommend replacing time belt in ~ 60"000 miles. I would recomend having it done currently if it has not currently been replaced
You have to understand the hazard here. If that belt breaks or jumps time when going under the highway, the pistons will certainly collide through the valves and also bend almost every one doing major internal damage.
I need to understand if mine Honda Accord EX 4-cyl has actually a timing belt or chain. And also when is it reccomended to be changed.
Engine mechanical problem2002 Honda Accord automatic 22,750 milesWhen i took my vehicle to the dealership for program service, i was told the I necessary to replace my time belt. The auto has just 22,750 mile on it, is regularly garaged, and also has never had actually a problem. The dealership insists the the timing belt needs to be replaced every 6 or 7 years, regardless of of mileage, due to the fact that "rubber degrades regardless of whether you"re do the efforts the vehicle alot." have the right to this probably be right? I obtained the feeling that castle were just trying come make part money off me, due to the fact that they know I understand nothing around cars. Thanks for any type of advice girlfriend can offer me.
The material that the timing belt is made the end of will certainly "decompose", so come speak, overtime wether it is gift in usage or just sitting there. Sort of like a tire dry rotting. Back 22k miles is one extremely little amount the mileage, 7 year is a rather lengthy amount of time. Ns suggest having it replaced sooner fairly than later. Many thanks for utilizing barisalcity.org. Com!
Hi, generally While preserving A car It Is said To have The timing Belt change At 90k Miles. Execute We need That because that Honda's Vtec...
After changing My Engine Oil and also The Oil Filter, i Noticed the The Engine Sound readjusted A tiny Bit. The recommended Engine Oil Is 5w-20...
I Haven"t used The car For 4 Years as result of Extensive Travelling. It"s A 2004 Accord V6 Sedan Ex through 58k Miles. Due to the fact that 2011, It has Been...

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My Car, Which has actually Been Parked In A Garage For 5 Days Won"t turn On in ~ All. Ns Cannot even Move It come Neurtral To pull It out Of Garage...
I have actually Honda Accord V6 It has actually 110000 mile What I need To adjust If Every point Is occupational Normaly To keep Up My vehicle In A an excellent Shap