Your Dodge auto has a heater core that operates much like a radiator. Boil coolant overcome from the engine v the heater core"s winding tube. The heater core"s tubes have actually fins, which assist to transfer much more heat to air by creating a better surface for heater purposes. The heat that is exchanged within the heater core is then moved to the cabin via the vehicle"s ventilation system. Replace the heater core at the first sign of problems. If you fail to properly maintain the heater core, the home window defroster might stop working once you need it most.

Under The Hood:

How to change the Heater main point in a 2000 evade Intrepid

Disconnect the an unfavorable battery cable utilizing a ratchet and also socket, then remove the radiator drainpipe hose clamp, i m sorry is located beneath the radiator, using a flathead screwdriver. Pull the radiator hose and drain the coolant right into a drainpipe pan.

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Remove the radiator hoses native the radiator and firewall connections using a flathead screwdriver, climate climb right into the cabin and remove the coin tray by hand.

Unscrew the screw from behind the coin tray utilizing a Phillips screwdriver, then open up the gloves box and pull the hinges upward till the dash assembly separates from the dash.

Locate the heater main point on the passenger side of the dash, then unscrew the heater main point cover utilizing a Phillips screwdriver.

Unbolt the heater core using a ratchet and also socket, then pull the heater core out and remove the electrical connections by hand.

Attach the electric connections come the new heater core, climate bolt it in location using a ratchet and also socket. Download the heater core cover using a Phillips screwdriver.

Lift the dash assembly up just over the dash, then lower it closely in place. Screw the dash in making use of a Phillips screwdriver, climate reattach the coin tray.

Reinstall the radiator hoses come the radiator and firewall connections using a flathead screwdriver.

Reattach the radiator drainpipe hose and also clamp, climate refill the radiator and also reconnect the battery cable.

Items you will certainly need

Ratchet and socket

Flathead screwdriver

Phillips screwdriver

Drain pan

How to change the Heater core on a 2003 dodge Caravan

Replacing the former Heater Core

Turn the steering wheel so that the wheels suggest straight forward.

Disconnect the an adverse (black) battery cable.

Drain the coolant through twisting open the valve at the bottom that the radiator. Use a clean container that holds at the very least 10.5 quarts. You will reuse the coolant later.

Remove the dashboard on the reduced left side of the steering column and disconnect the parking brake cable v a pair the pliers.

Unscrew the 10 bolts that attach the steering tower cover liner to the instrument panel and also remove the cover.

Turn the key to the LOCK position and turn the steering wheel come the LOCKED position.

Unhook the gear transition cable and also remove its mounting bracket.

Unscrew the 2 screws that attach the bezel come the tool panel and also remove the retaining clips. Remove the bezel.

Remove the 2 screws that attach the steering tower shroud come the column and remove the shroud.

Remove the coupler indigenous the steering column and also intermediate steering shaft.

Loosen the nuts that connect the lower steering obelisk mounting bracket, yet do not remove them. Totally remove the two nuts and washers indigenous the top bracket.

Pull out the steering column.

Remove the interconnect and bracket that connects the instrument panel to the chassis wiring.

Remove the boots from the bottom that the steering shaft.

Use locking pliers to pinch turn off the heater hoses in the engine compartment. Eliminate the plate covering the heater core (the hoses run with it) and disconnect the hoses.

Unclip the connectors that host in the heater core. Lift the accelerator pedal to allow you to slide the heater main point out component way. Push the brake pedal to do room to totally remove the heater core.

Replace the heater core. Surroundings is the reverse of removal. The nuts top top the steering shaft mounting bracket must be torqued come 105 ft. Lbs. Talk the pinch bolt top top the coupler to 21 ft. Lbs.

Replacing the rear Heater Core

Remove the first and 2nd row of seats on the right side.

Remove the trim panel from the sliding door sill. Remove the C and also D-pillar trim panels.

Remove the chair belt anchors native the appropriate side that the first and 2nd rows.

Unscrew the screws that affix the 4 minutes 1 trim come the quarter panel. Eliminate the screws native the parentheses on the rear side that the 4 minutes 1 trim.

Use a flathead screwdriver to disconnect the concealed clips behind the sliding door and also remove the 4 minutes 1 trim.

Unplug the connector native the rear power plug if her van is equipped v one.

Slide the seat belts v the slots in the trim dashboard and fully remove the panel.

Loosen the clamps from the hoses top top the exposed heater core and disconnect the hoses. Eliminate the screws holding the heater main point in place and extract the core.

Replace the heater core. Surroundings is the turning back of removal.

Items you will need

Metric wrench

Socket wrench

Metric socket set

10.5-quart container


2 pairs locking pliers

Torque wrench

Flathead screwdriver

How to replace the Heater core in a 2001 evade 1500

Disconnect the reduced radiator hose and also allow all of the engine coolant to circulation out right into a drainpipe pan. Disconnect the an adverse battery cable come disable the airbag system. Permit five minutes for the back-up capacitors to discharge prior to moving on.

Remove the complying with parts: waiting bag regulate module and also bracket native the floor panel tunnel, trim from both cowl next inner panels, steering column-to-instrument panel opened cover, hood latch relax screws and latch release and driver next air bag module wiring harness.

Remove the 4 bolts securing the steering obelisk (two ~ above the best side, 2 on the left side) and lower the pillar onto the driver"s seat.

Disconnect and remove the complying with items from under the driver side instrument cluster: parking brake relax handle link rod, instrument panel wiring harness connector, dash-to-instrument dashboard wiring harness connector, instrument panel-to-door wiring exploit connector, avoid light switch electrical connector and also vacuum harness connector. Likewise disconnect the three wiring exploit connectors native the 3 junction block connector receptacles located close to the dash panel.

Remove the 5 upper tool panel-to-upper dash dashboard screws and also move the whole dashboard rearward about 18 inches. Disconnect the tool panel-to-heater/air conditioning real estate assembly wiring exploit connectors. Eliminate the entire dashboard unit. Disconnect the heater hoses indigenous the heater main point tubes at the firewall. Eliminate the strength train manage module native the dash panel, yet do no disconnect its exploit connector.

Remove the HVAC housing assembly-to-chassis nuts as well as the housing-to-dash panel nuts. Remove the housing assembly indigenous the vehicle. Eliminate the upper-to-lower real estate screws and also remove the top housing. Remove the heater core from the lower housing.

Perform the over steps in turning back order to complete the installation.

Items you will certainly need

Drain pan

Complete mechanic"s wrench set

Complete mechanic"s socket set

Set that flat-head screwdrivers

Set the Phillips-head screwdrivers

Needle nose pliers

How to replace the Heater core on a cool Caravan

Removing the Heater Core

Disconnect the Caravan"s negative battery cable. Wait at least two minute to certain the air bags are completely deactivated.

Place a big container under the radiator. Remove the drainpipe valve in ~ the bottom that the radiator and also drain the coolant into the container.

Remove the fasteners because that the silencer boot at the base of the lower steering shaft, using a wrench. Press the silencer come the side.

Remove the brake lamp switch from the bracket. Disconnect the power brake booster"s push rod indigenous the brake pedal eight by removing its pin.

Remove the three screws because that the heater core shield, situated on the left side of the heater/AC distribution housing. Pull the shield away from the housing, disengage the locating tabs and also remove the shield.

Place towels underneath the heater main point tubes. Eliminate the screw for the heater core tube"s flange, press both tubes toward the dashboard and disengage their fittings native the ports. Plug the openings through rubber plugs.

Remove the 2 screws fastening the heater core"s mounting plate come the distribution housing and pull the main point out that the housing. You might need to traction up ~ above the gas pedal and push down on the brake for much more clearance.

Installing the Heater Core

Insert the instead of heater core into the distribution housing. Close the heater core"s flange to the real estate using that is screws.

Reconnect the heater tubes come the housing. Make certain the slot fit right into the tabs on the ports and also the flange is flush versus the ports. Affix the flange with its screw.

Reconnect the heater main point shield to the real estate with its clips and screws.

Reinstall the power brake booster because that the brake pedal, using its pin. Connect the brake desk lamp switch and the silencer top top the steering shaft.

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Refill the engine coolant, using fresh coolant and also water if the old mix is dirty. Reconnect the battery cable.