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The waiting suspension system simply stopped working and the rear sat down on the shocks. I have actually installed brand-new shocks, including new air shocks ~ above the front and a new air pump. Once I turn the mechanism on - Nothing. Fuses space OK and also all the relationships are tight yet no sound, no compressor noise. Wherein to now??? vann

Do girlfriend have any kind of door ajar lights lit top top the dash?Make sure the wait Suspension company Switch is rotate \"ON\"? (See below) If the waiting Suspension company Switch is ON then it gets facility if friend don\"t have actually a scan tool to overview you. No all scanners are capable of reading the \"B\" & \"C\" codes.Here is the place of the switch, a test you can perform and the electrical schematics:
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Thanks, Cuda_jim, The answer turned the end to be the vertical relay through the left rear wheel(inside ). I obtain the part number and also put the on right here for others. Simply as I assumed all to be well mine \"sus\" light come on. I am fear that i will have actually to readjust the rear suspension bags or placed coil springs on. Any idea exactly how they come off?? Looks prefer one clevis pin at the top and also the bottom sit on the axel. Ideas are constantly appriecated. Thanks again, vann
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