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Hi, I just bought a 95 lamb 1500 quad cab a pair days earlier and was trying to figure out just how to take it the front bumper off. The one ~ above it now is dented up in a few places and also I have to take it off to see what all I need to replace. If anyone knows, please shot to give me a thorough how-to. Thanks.
Open the hood and also there need to be 3-3/4 (21 or 22 mm i forget perhaps 7/8) bolts on the mounting bracket come the structure (each side). The nuts have locks top top them and also shouldn"t need to be held. Looking increase from the wheel well on the driver"s side you"ll check out an extension bracket the the horn is mounted to. Traction the horn off and drop that bracket. No horn ~ above the pass side but the same thing.If you"re walking to eliminate the bumper indigenous the base it"s finest to perform it off the truck because they have tendency to spin/strip.

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