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Does anyone know a way to drainpipe all (or virtually all) of the coolant out of the block top top a 6.0? ns am an altering out the coolant on mine 08", and I am just getting around 2 gallons the end of the system. If i remember correctly, these equipment hold roughly 4 gallons. I arrangement on flushing and also draining a couple of times, however I wish that I could drain an ext coolant out. Many thanks for any and also all help.

Pull the thermostat water tap off and remove tstat and also then eliminate the reduced rad hose and blow air from peak tstat out the bottom, then fill earlier up through distilled water W/O stat operation to flush mechanism blow earlier out again and fill ago up v OE coolant. There could be one easier means and someone could ring in to aid but this is the best way I might come up with?
Remove the big block plug above the oil filter top top the driver side, and the smaller one on the passenger next of the block. This will drain virtually all coolant indigenous the block.The entire system should host 4.5 gallons. Would be ideal to obtain 6 gallons the you want to flush it.
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Either that those would certainly work, yet pulling the block drain is the best way. I"d flush it through distilled water first, maybe add a party of Prestone do the washing up solution, or add the flush solution a day or two prior to let it work an ext and break down the crap inside. It"s yes sir to operation it in the system for approximately 3 days.Then once purged with 4-5 gallons that clean distilled water, just examine all her hoses and also connections, plug it earlier up and refill with proper mix.
Where is the block drain located, there room a couple of plugs ~ above the block, and also I don"t want to traction the not correct one. Thanks. , many thanks to all
They are both horrible to obtain too in chassis lol. One is either your block heater or a in turn a favor 1.5" plug ~ above the drivers rear of the block over the oil filter... It"s the much easier one. The drivers side is right next to the crank place sensor over the starter. Personally ns would simply flush it out.

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The driver side plug is above and behind the oil filter, that is a 17mm hex drive. Give it a few good whacks to get it loosened up first, that a PITA to get out if you strip it.

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