Buick Regal owners have reported 20problems concerned turn signal (under the exterior light category).The many recently reported issues are listed below.Also please examine out thestatistics and also reliability evaluation of Buick Regal based on all troubles reported for the Regal.

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In the 2 year I"ve owned this vehicle, i have had to change both rear turn signal bulbs 4 times. The socket look at melted. Top top October 3, 2020. . . The front passenger seat adjustment quit working. It can recline back, however not return to the upright position. View all troubles of the 2012 Buick Regal🔎.

Every time I turn on my left or ideal turn signal that shorts out. . . . Required to a mechanic and also he did part re wiring and also it operated for a small bit then began to happen again. . . . Ns don"t want to invest a bunch that money on it anymore. What should I do?. See all problems of the 1998 Buick Regal🔎.

While stationary and in motion on highway and also on city streets when the turn signal isturned ~ above the vehicle shuts off, and also when attempting to restart vehicle with turn signals off the electronics flash as if castle are connected to flasher relay. Check out all troubles of the 2001 Buick Regal🔎.

My cruise control and brake lights stopped working after having actually a recall fixed on mine 2011 Buick Regal. The recalls that were addressed were an oil life monitor control module and a rotate signal control module. After having actually this fixed, my cruise control and also brake lamp no much longer are working. Ns was pulled over by a policeman, otherwise i did not recognize they to be not functioning while i was driving. The brakes will certainly come on once I boring the brake pedal all the way to the floor the the car, yet not while driving in typical conditions. I could have been rear ended several times, together there to be no indication the the lamp were no working. View all troubles of the 2011 Buick Regal🔎.

Just as the present gm recall my Buick Regal suddenly loses all power while driving. The 1st time this arisen I to be on the interstate going 60 mph in ~ night, 1st all the dash lights flashed on, then my headlights, power steering, every electronics and engine died! luckily I had the ability to make it come the emergency lane! once, I was able to pull my frightened self together, the vehicle started right back up and I to be able to acquire off the interstate and also make the home an extremely cautiously. In the days following, i tested it simply driving very close come home and also continuously had actually the very same problem, rather seeming to occur more often when I used my rotate signal, this incidences of full power failure occurred
speeds of 0-35 mph, since I to be unwilling to placed it back on the interstate. Once performing a basic internet search for a solution to this problem, ns quickly found that ns was not the only to have this problem, some v a 1998 Buick Regal simply as myself, and others through a similar make & model (still gm) and also close to the exact same year, well prior to 2003. After acquisition the auto to a mechanic & acquiring a new alternator and blower motor, the auto died yet again prior to I also made it out of the parking lot. The was suggested to me to try the new alternator before replacing the ignition and also related components which are fairly pricey ~ above this auto which has 1 that those chips in the key. This trouble has however to be solved and also I wonder if the existing recall is even more overdue than thought. You re welcome help! perform not wait till myself, my youngsters or others endure fatal consequences! this auto is new to me, has very low mileage and also is in otherwise in great condition and also has a satisfactory carfax report. Mine sincerest thanks!.

Was driveing under the highway walk 65 and also went to rotate on my turn signal and my engine stoped. I nearly crashed the car. I tried to restart the car and also everytime I provided the blinkers the car would either rotate off restarts the computer system like I just started the car. The abs light and also check engine light comes on now and also the driver next headlight no come on. I had actually a friend journey 3 hours to come and also tow my car. I virtually got fight by a semi truck because of this. Someone needs to acquire this concern fixed. View all troubles of the 1999 Buick Regal🔎.

1. Ideal side cornering desk lamp is inoperative in spite of replacing bulb, socket and even entire right side headlamp real estate assembly with all new wiring and bulbs in the (not the turn signal since that works and so perform all headlight attributes I. E. High/low beam). 2. When over issue started vehicle suddenly began shutting turn off whenever turn signals where offered when happen or make the efforts to get in highway on enntrance gate ramp nevertheless of if us were speeding up or slowly down. It has also happened at a finish stand tho while neighborhood mechanic was investigating complaint about all the above and the is still not able to uncover the cause. I am afraid to allow my family members ride in this vehicle and I am afraid it will price us a fortune do the efforts to figure out what is leading to this unsafe issue!.

I have actually a 1998 Buick Regal GS. I have actually experienced a problem when activating the rotate signals. ~ above activating a signal in one of two people direction the car"s electric system closeup of the door down and also stalls the engine. The auto is usually in motion and also power steering, headlights and so on is lost.

1999 Buick Regal front revolve signals store burning out, I believe it is from the real estate that hold the bulbs. It seem like the plastic at the bottom the the pear that snaps in to the real estate sparks and burns it bring about the bulbs come fail.

The appropriate turn signal continually blows out on mine 1998 Buick Regal. I am involved that the will start a fire in mine engine compartment.

Electrical troubles on 2002 Buick Regal, $614 rotate signal move replaced due to the fact that headlights would not come on additionally ignition move $250 changed which had caused the speed control and also heat and also air fan to not work. Check out all difficulties of the 2002 Buick Regal🔎.

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Repeated failure of the plastic bulb socket (gm part #12456483) top top front revolve signal -parking light on 1999 Buick Regal. The bulb, a traditional 3157na, burns out in specifically the very same fashion together bulbs that burn out on other gm models covered by the NHTSA security recall is # 04v524. Apparently the bulb is not securely organized in place and also the arcing that results burns away the plastic that the bulb and also the pear socket. The absence of a visible left revolve signal is a safety issue.