Volvo cars space not 100% immune come engine troubles and breakdowns in spite of Volvo's indisputable construct quality.This guide will talk about common troubles that create the Volvo inspect Engine Light (CEL) and Service Engine (SES) come come on.

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You will also learn how you can diagnose the Volvo check engine irradiate yourself using an Oengine light yourself utilizing an OBD2 scanner.

Let’s view what you deserve to do once your beloved Swedish auto surprises you v a dreaded examine Engine LightEngine Light.

What does the check engine average on a Volvo? 


If your Volvo check engine irradiate iengine light is always on, it way a fault code is save on computer in your car"s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system.

The problem can be something as basic as a loose gas cap, but it can also indicate one engine or emission problem.

Don"t panic!

Since there room hundreds of possible codes, you need to start by reading the codes.

You will have to use an OBD-II Scanner, which plugs under the dashboard and allows you to check out the codes in under five minutes. 

Some auto parts stores such as (Autozone and development Auto Parts) will likewise read the codes complimentary of charge. 

If your Volvo examine engine lightengine light is on and also the up arrowhead is flashing, it could indicate a trouble with the automatic transmissiontransmission.

Especially when codes such together P0700, P0705, P0785, P0722, P0740, P0725, P0733 room present.



When Volvo examine engine irradiate (CEL) illuminates, observe if over there are symptengine light (CEL) illuminates, watch if over there are symptoms together as:

Engine Running stormy or OverheatingLack of powerPoor accelerator responseUnusual soundsSmoke from the exhaustCar Won"t Start

In a few cases, Volvo examine engine light might come on, yet no performance concerns are noticed as it is the situation of a loengine light may come on, yet no performance issues are noticed together it is the case of a loose gas cap.

If the Volvo examine engine light comes on when driving, start looking for a great place to traction over and restart the enengine light come on when driving, start in search of a good place to traction over and restart the engine safely.

Why is my Volvo examine engine lightengine light on? 


The most typical problems that trigger the inspect engine irradiate on a Volvo car are worn spark plugs and looseengine light on a Volvo auto are worn spark plugs and loose gas caps. 

Although over there is no critical list of parts that can reason problems, these are several of the ‘usual suspects’:

Ignition device (failed coil packs)Vacuum leaksCommon rail pump and injectors (on diesel engines)Fuel proportioning valve (on diesel engines)Boost leaks (on turbocharged engines)

Volvo inspect Engine irradiate FlashinEngine light Flashing On and Off

If her Volvo check engine light isengine light is flashing, it usually method one thing - abnormal combustion. This is often as result of fuel not gaining burned, which reasons a misfire or abnormal detonation.

Driving a Volvo through the examine engine light flashingengine irradiate flashing can have a devastating effect on your engine and also catalytic converter.

If you have actually no option however to drive, you have to ease turn off the accelerator, together this commonly helps—no hard acceleration or flooring the gas pedal.

Do no drive her Volvo under a fill when her Volvo check engine light engine light is flashing.

Volvo inspect Engine irradiate GoeEngine light Goes On and Off

If her Volvo inspect engine light come on for a few days climate goes turn off a few days later, it means that the onboard diagnostic device is detecting a difficulty interengine light comes on because that a few days then goes off a couple of days later, it means that the onboard diagnostic device is detecting a difficulty intermittently. 

This is a different situation than what us described over where the inspect engine light flashes cengine light flashes constantly. 

To discover out what is wrong with your Volvo, review the error codes when the check engine light is on. If the inspect engine light is off, you might not be able to retrieve any type of faengine light is on. If the check engine light is off, you might not be able to retrieve any kind of faengine irradiate is off, you may not have the ability to retrieve any type of fault codes. 

What to do once Volvo CEL come on? 


The very first thing girlfriend should examine is come make sure that the gas lid is top top tight. Stop in a safe area, press the gas cap relax button, and make sure the gas cap is tight. 

Open the hood and visually check for anything the looks out of the ordinary. A loosened hose might reason rough running because of the vacuum leak.

Water or oil on a sensor connector might reason faulty readings.

Make certain to inspect that the engine oil level is between the Min and Max marks together well. Usage the oil dipstick to examine the engine oil level.


How to reset Volvo examine engine lightengine light? 

With her Volvo safe parked, you should read the fault codes, settle the underlying trouble then reset the examine engine lightengine light.

For this step, girlfriend will need an OBD2 scanner. The procedure is effortless and also takes much less than ten minutes. 


Turn ignition to position II. Do not start the engine. Press start without pushing the brake pedal will turn on the ignition. 
Turn on her OBD2 scanner. Enable it to interact with the vehicle—next, press Read Codes. 
Fix all the troubles that have actually triggered the error codes. Rescan the vehcile because that codes. Next, go to clean Fault codes and also press OK. If you didn"t settle the problem, the check engine light may comengine light might come back on. 

These instructions job-related on any 1996 and newer Volvo including XC90, S40, S60, XC60, S70, V50 etc. 

You will obtain a fault code such together P0300. Researching this code digital will provide you a far deeper insight into the problem.

Scan for errors and also store lock in your scan tool, or, if the is no possible, compose them under on record or on your smartphone. Usually, one error password will suggest you to the component that can be the problem.

If friend can access the doubt part, examine it visually, and try if anything is loosened or broken.

Another valuable step is to ‘mentally’ trace ago to the events prior to the ‘Check engine light’engine light’ appearance.

 If it showed up as quickly as the automobile was started, shot to mental if any work to be done on the vehicle while it was turned off.

For instance, friend may have unintentionally unplugged sensors while instead of a irradiate bulb.

 If the ‘Check engine light’ came one during a drive, possibly you have actually driven with a large puddle of water before that. Water might find a method into a connector v a negative seal. Hitting a deep pothole might break someengine light’ came one during a drive, possibly you have driven v a huge puddle that water prior to that. Water could find a means into a connector with a poor seal. Hitting a deep pothole might break other loose.

Volvo cars have actually been known for being durable and reliable. The advertising slogan ‘Volvo. Because that life’ is not simply an empty phrase, as it is not unusual for Volvo cars to cover a million miles.

Yet throughout the ownership of a Volvo, you will certainly at some suggest be greeted with Check Engine LightEngine Light (also well-known as service Engine). 

Frequently request Questions

Should I continue my journey or not?

If your Volvo is still running fine (no power issues, no other warning lights, no overheating), girlfriend can proceed your drive through caution. Drive moderately and also avoid driving approximately high revs. Screen the engine temperature and oil light. Pay fist to exactly how the engine operates and also performs. Look for inexplicable smoke indigenous exhaust, listen to just how the engine works, and also keep an eye ~ above engine temperature.

On the various other hand, if the engine walk not run properly, you must not journey it further. although you may travel a brief distance, drives longer than numerous miles are an absolute no-no. Allow your Volvo to cool down a bit, as some faults happen only on operation temperature.

Which scan device is best for Volvo? 

Volvo OEM scan tool is dubbed VIDA/DICE. However, this is a rather complicated and costly piece of equipment. A much far better choice for a DIY user is a Bluetooth OBD2 password reader that pairs through your smartphone.

What should I do with the code I got from the scanner? 

If you recognize what you room looking for, the Internet can be a beneficial and useful information source. Simply google the troubles or codes because that your form of Volvo. In many cases, this will certainly lead you towards common causes and solutions. Posting questions on caf forums can also get girlfriend answers from skilled members. These males are usually more than happy to aid the community.

How can I revolve the ‘Check Engine’ irradiate without a scan tool?

Try turning off your car for numerous minutes, as this will sometimes help. If not, on part models, disconnecting a vehicle battery for 10-15 minutes will certainly erase save codes. If her engine runs fine, you deserve to drive it for a few days and see if it at some point goes off. Store in mind the disconnecting the battery go not fix the problem. Her Volvo examine engine light will illuminate again if the difficulty iengine light will illuminate again if the problem is no fixed.

How can I inspect stored password in mine Volvo there is no a scan tool?

Unfortunately, the only means to read the stored password is by using a scan tool. You deserve to visit her dealer or an live independence workshop, or you deserve to buy your very own scan tool.

What can I perform to stop the ‘Check Engine’ irradiate from coming up?

Maintenance. Regular and also preventive maintenance. This is the best method to make your auto reliable and ‘Check engine’ light free.

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Can I read the error codes ~ above myself on my Volvo? 

Yes. You deserve to read Volvo examine engine error codes using the 16 pin OBD-II harbor under the dashboard. This applies to any kind of 1996 and also newer Volvo, including V40 XC40 S60 V60 XC90 S90 XC60.