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Access your conserved cars on any type of device.Receive Price alert emails when price changes, new offers become available or a automobile is sold.
You"re currently logged in as and will get alerts once price changes, brand-new offers become obtainable or a auto is sold.
Access your saved cars on any device.Receive Price alert emails as soon as price changes, new offers become accessible or a automobile is sold.
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September 12, 2019

You probably currently know that the oil in her engine provides sure all the relocating parts within are appropriately lubricated and protected from friction and also heat damage. However did you understand there are plenty of other contents that have actually their own oils, too? and also your auto is smart enough to call you with a dashboard warning irradiate if there"s a problem with any kind of of them! ~ above this page, find out what you must do when you view these 4 oil warning lights turn on in her Subaru.


4. Short Oil Level Indicator Light

The oil device alert irradiate is supposed to look favor an oil can with a drop of oil comes from the spout. Though, to our eyes, the looks a lot more like a genie"s magic lamp. No issue what this Rorschach check of a prize looks like to you, an amber-colored oil device light indicates that your engine is running low ~ above oil. Oil starvation can cause internal engine damage that have the right to require considerable repairs down the road, for this reason be certain to have actually oil added to the engine as soon as feasible when this light comes on.

Driving an extremely long through this light active is certain to cause you major problems, but topping off the engine v oil is cheap, fast and easy. Ask the technicians in ~ Hanson Subaru because that assistance, or simply swing by our company center at her convenience.


3. In ~ Oil Temperature Warning Light

Instead of a symbol, this alarm warning light supplies text. If you watch the "AT OIL TEMP" light come on in the dash, that"s informing you your automatic transmission fluid temperature is also hot. Hanson Subaru recommends pulling over and also parking the vehicle in a safe location immediately. Enable the engine come idle if the transmission cools down and also let this light turn itself off. Girlfriend can continue driving once it"s off, yet if the light returns, you"ll desire a professional diagnosis from among our techs to find out why your infection is overheating.

If the "AT OIL TEMP" light begins to flash instantly after beginning the vehicle, it could indicate difficulties with the transmission control module. Her transmission may behave unusually till this problem is handle at a certified Subaru business department.


2. R. Diff Temperature Warning Light

Exclusive come the Subaru WRX STI, the "R. DIFF TEMP" warning light indicates when the oil lubricating the rear differential is overheating. When again, we recommend pulling over and letting the differential cool off until the warning light turns off. Driving v an overheating rear differential can not only lead to damage to the differential itself, it deserve to put included strain ~ above the powertrain, resulting in even more damage. As soon as this light is on, the maximum amount of talk will immediately be directed to the front wheels, overriding any user settings.

Just choose the engine oil, your rear differential oil keeps the meshing steel parts lubricated and protected indigenous wear and friction. It also prevents excess heat buildup from friction. As the oil in the differential ages and also breaks down, that lubricating properties will diminish. Once this light come on, it"s likely time to have the behind differential fluid replaced.

1. Low Oil pressure Warning Light

While the warning lamp described over are amber in color, this one is red, describe an even more severe issue. When the genie lamp-looking light come on in her car, however it"s red rather of yellow, stop driving the automobile immediately and look into having it towed to our organization center. Provide us a call if you"d favor a business writer to introduce a trusted towing organization in your area.

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A red oil mechanism light suggests that the oil press in the engine is low. Or, it could be a failed sensor. It"s no wise to leaving this one to chance, together a short oil push in the engine way parts aren"t obtaining the oil coverage they need to stay protected. The engine is most likely to start overheating, metal parts might grind versus one another and also severe damage may occur. To prevent a nasty repair bill for a finish engine rebuild, prevent driving the car as shortly as feasible when this light come on.