I have actually an old, junky 1998 Mercury Villager that I’m do the efforts to gain to happen smog in CA, and it threw a P0325 code for the hit sensor. Looking online, I uncovered Jeff C’s Youtube video and post ~ above Edmunds forum around how come splice in a generic knock sensor top top 1998 come 2002 Nissan search / Mercury Villagers. Tony2005 contour likewise has a helpful Youtube video. For this reason if you have actually a 1999 come 2002 pursuit / Villager, examine those out first.

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This is about replacing the punch sensor in the an initial generation of search / Villager. The engine is largely similar, for this reason the 1993 come 1998 models have the exact same threaded hole for an additional sensor, which is unused in the 1999 come 2002 models. I referred to the the shop manual hosted on NicoClub to figure this out. The Engine control segment of the hands-on is what’s relevant for this job.

Things will certainly need:

~10 inches of 18AWG wire12mm socketM8x1.25, 35mm longPreferred method of splicing wiresPair that pliers

Those that you who tried to number out exactly how to replace the knock sensor may have actually realized the the hands-on instructs removed of the reduced intake manifold and also coolant cross-over to get to the sensor, i beg your pardon is a ache process. The punch sensor sit on peak of the block, practically in the middle:The relocation rather places the punch sensor off the finish of the block, underneath the distributor.

For reference, below is the wiring diagram for the knock sensor:

Looking in the vehicle, there space 3 fairly big connectors in between the passenger next of the input manifold and the brake fluid reservoir. The connector we care about is the 12-pin connector F22. The orange arrow below points out pin 3.

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Looking at the back of the connector, we watch that pen 3 goes to a white wire, i m sorry agrees v the diagram from the manual. I’ve suggested the wire by tracing it with an orange line below:

Here’s the same connector ago in it’s normal place, connected to F219. Again, pen 3 is stated with the arrow:

I have actually no idea what this sensor is, yet it’s held onto the block through a M8 through a 10mm hex head. In the 1999 to 2002 models, there’s nothing here. Because that the 1993 to 1998 models, the knock sensor will be relocated listed below this one:

Once the sensor and also bracket have actually been unbolted, the registration tab (highlighted in orange) requirements to be bent out of the means with a pair of pliers to clear the punch sensor, which will certainly be put underneath with a 35mm lengthy M8. I couldn’t discover a hex head in ~ the regional hardware store, so i made perform with a socket cap and also washer:

In order to gain the knock sensor all the means down, the cover because that the coil (shown in the orange box) demands to be removed. The previously removed sensor and bracket simply barely fit when placed on height of the hit sensor:

With the hardware in place, the hit sensor and its harness have to be associated to the vehicle. I cut the white wire associated to pin 3 around two inches indigenous the earlier of the connector in situation I ever need to splice come it again. The ~10 inches of candy-cane wire was then soldered native the snipped exploit to the loom:

The last action is come tidy every little thing up and to put the stray wire into a split-loom tube to defend from abrasion and heat.