I recently had actually the pleasure of help my brother replace the air air conditioning belt ~ above his 1999 Nissan Altima. Many vehicles sold today either have actually one serpentine belt that weaves its means around all the pulleys, or two different belts. In the situation of the Altima, the main belt drives the power steering, alternator, and water pump. A second belt cd driver the air conditioning compressor.

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As a side note, analysis the belt diagram or following the route of the belt is an easy way to recognize these automotive components.
This diagram is basic representation of a two belt system. The red heat represents the key belt and also the blue line represents the secondary belt.
Luckily for us, the AC belt was the outer-most belt. This meant we go not have to take the main belt off in bespeak to change the second belt.Whenever an altering a belt, friend will constantly have to relieve the belt tension. Some systems use a spring loaded immediately adjusting me tensioner that should be rotated to relieve the tension. ~ above the Altima, the belt stress is manually changed by a bolt. The belt tensioner sheave is attached to a pen that can slide up or under in a bracket. Here are the measures taken to replace the belt:
Remove the bolt and washer indigenous the belt tensioner pulley (blue arrow)Remove the adjusting bolt (red arrow)Note exactly how the pulley, pin, bracket, and also adjusting bolt go together. Eliminate the pulley and inspect it. Lubricate or change if needed.Remove the old belt when taking note of exactly how it is routed.Reinstall the the pulley-block assembly however do no tighten the bolts yet. The wheel should easily slide up and also down in the bracket.Install the new belt. Move the sheave to the highest point in bespeak to get the belt on. It might still it is in a chop fit.Make certain the belt is properly seated in every of the pulleys - the crankcase (engine), AC compressor, and tensioner.Tighten the pulley bolt (blue arrow), then tighten the adjusting bolt to 26 ft. Lbs.Check come make certain the belt is on tightly enough. To check, measure the quantity the belt will certainly deflect as soon as you press against it at a point half way in between two pulleys. The lot of deflection should be about 1/4" If the deflects more than that, tighten the adjusting bolt. If the does no deflect, then it is too tight and also you need to loosen the adjusting bolt.It is also a an excellent idea come clean the the pulleys as soon as you have actually the belt off. You should likewise check each wheel to make sure it spins openly (with the exception of the crankcase pulley). If any type of of the pulleys grind or stand up to spinning, shot cleaning them or replacing them.
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Thanks - virtually 11 year after you post this story, it's aided me to settle my car!

February 24, 2020 at 5:42 PM


Amazing... Give thanks to you! ns Burt up 3 pulleys yet this is it 26 ft lbs. Thank you again. Say thanks to you rockauto for cheap parts. I had the ability to buy real Nissan sheave from them as the final pulley.