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Anyone? I"ve done part searching and am still unclear. I spent several hours beneath mine wife"s ZJ last night looking... "95 5.2. Where is the CPS located? you re welcome use small words and/ or pictures, I"m tho learning. Whereby from the oil filter? What carry out I need to drop to get accessibility to it? Trans. Overcome member? entirety trans? (I"m not sure I could do that) What special devices will i need? I have a standard metric and SAE ratchet set and some metric flat wrenches and a couple of other small things. Can someone who has actually done this recently give me some pointers? I"m i m really sorry to it is in dense. I invested the very first hour looking increase on height of the engine, due to the fact that that is where AutoZone"s ingredient locater appeared to suggest? TIA!
I have actually not done among these ~ above a 5.2, yet I go one ~ above a 4.0. From the details I have it seems to it is in the same. This is the sensor location



Thanks because that those direction ! they seem come be showing you exactly how to acquire to it from the peak side. I"m having a hell that a time indigenous beneath, i would like not come disassemble the engine this much, but maybe this will job-related ! many thanks !

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My ignorance is showing and I usually hate that, however I don"t treatment at this point. Have the right to anyone you re welcome tell me specifically how to find this sensor on our "95 5.2L ZJ. I"ve been chasing it for 3 hours per night because that the past 2 nights. I"ve been browsing all work online. I am just that dumb, ns guess. Last night i dropped the tranny overcome member and looked up over the tranny up near where the engine and also tranny meet, ns think. I could have found the sensor. Passengers side, close to the oil filter (but earlier a little bit and greater up) and also down pipe from the passengers next exhaust. Means up high. Ns can"t check out any means to acquire in there. Ns can"t imagine a tool set-up that would carry out it. So perhaps that was not it. At this suggest I"m acquiring frustrated through this. Can anyone check I"m even in the appropriate ball park? Is it much easier to access from above by removing part stuff (someone post directions for that for a 4.0L) or native below? What kind of tool combination? Sorry for the frustration, I carry out appreciate the help. Ns rode mine bike to work-related today so mine wife and kids weren"t stranded at home all job again. I simply want to get this straightened out. Many thanks in advance.