unexpectedly my check engine come on flashing however sometimes that is constant. There is additionally a knocking noise and loss the power. What might the problem be?

review this guide to acquire the codeshttps://www.barisalcity.org/articles/checking-a-service-engine-soon-or-check-engine-light-on-or-flashingThis video clip will aid you clean the codeshttps://youtu.be/ahK_eucFi-kPlease allow us understand what happens. Please operation down this guide and report back.

i took the truck to Ford service and also they hooked it as much as the computer and also determined there to be a problem with the 4th valve. The problem is the cable continues to come turn off the plug and they stated I need brand-new cables. The difficulty I have actually is that i am in Italy and they don"t carry parts for American vehicles, so i guess ns will do some to buy on the internet.

sure its the ignition wires you can try replacing simply the one top top # 4 for understand until you uncover the set an excellent luck

examine engine irradiate is on.I got it confirm out and the o2 censer cane up.I readjusted two censers and the light is quiet on

Recently, I mounted a brand-new battery in mine truck, soon thereafter, (I dont recognize if it to be a coincidence?) My inspect engine light came on. It continues to be on and also now blinks once in a while. The truck has started to shutter slightly which is only noticeable if stopped. Today the van temp gauge showed normal and also the warmth was coming out warm then the temp. Gauge dropped to cold and the air started coming the end cold. Any kind of ideas what could be wrong? i have never had actually prolems through this truck and also I dont think its anything as well seroius. Any type of suggestions prior to I spend an arm and also leg at the dealership? Any help is considerably appreciated!
have actually the codes pulled from the computer to begin diagnosing. Examine your coolant level.The CEL blinking generally means a misfire and also that damage may it is in happening to the converter.The two might be associated or may not.
test the thermostat and also for the check engine light you need to have actually the OBD2 read out at autozone and also comeback v the code/s.
The inspect engine light is over there to alarm you the there is a problem which requirements to be handle in either the fuel, ignition or emissions systems. It will certainly not detect a blown head gasket directly. The key word is directly.For example, a check engine code pointing come an out of selection or bad sensor as being a problem, could in truth be an indirect reaction to one more problem of which the sensor is just the messanger. In these situations it walk no good to just replace the sensor just since the PCM claims it"s bad, however to properly go through a diagnostic flowchart.
Auto zone diagnosed P1537 IMRC valve stuck open. Engine idles a small rough. Ns am somewhat mechanical, whereby is this valve located, what is the best means to repair it. I really don"t have actually $500 come spend yet am trying come keeptruck to run as best as possible, help would be appreciated.
i am assuming that is a 4.2 v6. There space 2 solenoids that run the system and the most common failure is the plastic clips that host the rods break and also the rods loss off. Get them checked and also if they space broke, they run about 5.00 every from ford.If they room not broke, you require to have the solenoids checked to see if castle work and hold vacuum.It is not basic diag. A code never ever identifies a poor part, simply a failure system. Have it checked correctly and then you can decide your following step.Roy
critical week ns was shifting up v the gears. Ns was accelerating normally. As soon as I readjusted from 2nd to third as shortly as ns let the end the clutch the engine began to shake virtually as if it was cutting out. The truck still accelerated. That shook again from third to fourth and also the check engine light come on. Periodically when it is colder and also I start the truck it takes a couple of seconds because that it to turn over and also actually start. Yesterday and I was increasing the engine made 2 pop/bang noises as it shook. Fuel pump issue?
good morning.The first thing ns would prefer to watch is the code for the examine engine light. That will give us one area of failure to help you. You have the right to have it read at a parts store for free. It could be secondary malfunction on the ignition such as plugs, coils or wiring.How old space the track up parts? Royhttps://www.barisalcity.org/articles/engine-misfires-or-runs-roughhttps://www.barisalcity.org/articles/engine-backfires-while-running
Okay, you need to do some checks.Roy303P0303DescriptorProbable CausesEvaporative emission (EVAP) SystemEvaporative emissions (EVAP) system Canister Purge ValveFuel Injector 3Fuel pressure IncorrectIgnition SystemMechanical Engine FailureVehicle Running out of FuelCompression lowhttps://www.barisalcity.org/articles/how-to-test-engine-compressionhttps://www.barisalcity.org/articles/how-to-check-fuel-system-pressure-and-regulatorhttps://www.barisalcity.org/articles/how-to-test-a-fuel-injector
some 12000 miles back I had actually a rebuilt motor installed in my truck. Recently the engine light went on. It went on and also off for a couple of time, now it stays on. I had actually the spark plugs, wires and gas filter readjusted on it a couple weeks ago. Yet the light is tho on. What can this be. I notification some white exhaust in the cold mornings and also when I revolve on the heater a huge puff of brownish exhilaration come up.Thanks!
lets take the guess work out the the formula girlfriend should have actually the system (pcm ) scanned because that codes which that will assist to pin suggest the trouble arealet me recognize what the codes room so I deserve to helpgood happy
The examine engine light continues to come on.I have had actually the van in for numerous repairs, take the van in obtain it addressed drive for around a week and also the light comes on. Plugs, wires and also the oxygen sensor have actually all been readjusted along with other repairs to acquire it passsed on a emissions test. Can"t store paying every week for an additional repair. Would it be way to disconnect the light?
hi charliemax, Welcome come barisalcity.org and TY because that the donationWhat are the OBD2 code/s that space popping up? friend don"t desire to rig the CEL light-you gonna end up flunking the inspection if the inspector don"t watch the CEL at key on engine off-
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Problems: "service Engine Soon" irradiate On, very Rough Idle, Engine Reving Up and also Down, Engine cutting Off, missing At Idle Speed...