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Page 188 ... Desk lamp 2 3156K Rear/turn/sidemarker 2 916NA Cargo desk lamp 1 211-2 interior overhead lamp 1 912 (906) prior door courtesy desk lamp 1 168 Map lamps 2 168 (T10) Ashtray desk lamp 1 161 To replace all tool panel lamp - Maintenance and also care5. Bulb specifications Function number of bulbs profession number Park/turn the pear left or...the headlamps on and also make certain they work-related properly. Perform not turn the pear while removing it clockwise till you must not must turn lamps (front) 4 3156 NAK Headlamps 2 9007 Rear prevent "". 3. Remove the old bulb from its socket through rotating it . You might need to line up...


2006 Exploree (eddie Bauer) Removing behind Passenger Door PanelHaving some an obstacle figuring out exactly how to remopart have actually snap locks released but uncertain how to re...

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