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Hey all. I"m suspect the od switch must be on the gear change selector (98 Dodge lamb 1500 5.9 auto ). It"s not. It"s not anywhere. I have had actually an overdrive light come on and off ~ above its very own on the dash, yet as soon as I begin up and all lights carry out a examine on the dash I gain no od turn off light. I also have no freaking switch for overdrive top top or off anywhere. I"m additionally pulling a p0751 overdrive switch low password that I acquired when ns was getting an intermittent examine engine light that was as result of o2 bank 1 sensor 1. Have the right to anyone melted some irradiate on this because that me?Does anyone else have a tuck of similar gen without a overdrive switch?No ns am not mental and also just dont realize over there is a switch..see pics..its no there.

I may be wrong but I haven"t seen an overdrive switch on a car in a long time. My last couple of trucks go into overdrive on your own. Overdrive gets shut off once you put the van in tow/haul mode.
"17 ram Black Sport, Lorado tonneau cover, 20% window tint included all windows, DeeZee tailgate assist, 6 3/4 antenna, Carven steady exhaust and also 5" black tips, Bilstein 5100"s set to 2.1, BFG KO2"s, smoked 3rd brake light, acting tail lights, debadged.
Chilliin...Thanks because that replying. 98 aint new though. And if the tow haul setting switch activates overdrive on and also .....where the hell is the tow or haul switch on a 98 ram 1500 5.9 auto 4x4? never heard the it....Cheers
I believe on those 1994-1998.5 trucks, the O/D switch was actually on the dash, somewhere around the radio, if ns am no mistaken.View this attach to check out what i am talking about... Dodge lamb 1500/20140312_173628_zpsxqbiald4.jpg
Even if that was the case it tho doesn"t explain where mine is or why I gain an intermittent od turn off light however have no switch. Shifter or dash.
Sorry, I just noticed you said "98, mine is an "08. With that said, there should be a switch on the finish of the shifter (which her doesn"t have) or to the left that the steering obelisk on the dash. Amazing you can"t discover one......
I think from this point, you might have to start looking for electrical diagrams for the transmission. Ns assume you have the 46RE in that truck? If so, i might have the ability to find friend a wiring diagram because that the overdrive.
Has the transition stalk been changed at some allude because that"s wherein it is an alleged to be. I"d indicate taking it come the dealer or someone that would have actually the wiring diagram and also ask them to check if the manufacturing facility wires space there for the switch. If they are you deserve to probably discover a factory stalk in ~ a wrecking yard.

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