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cause mine walk not. Ns left clueless in ~ the minute trying to hook up mine vacuum lines and from the diagrams the i have actually theres suppose to be an egr valve. Well i dontt have one? anyone describe this?

yr truck deserve to run there is no it i believe but ns pretty sure itd throw a code but i had heard some canadian models didnt have actually em? afar from the thats all i got homey.

have a us-spec 1500 -96 5.2 no egr dont now what smog laws it original developed for mabey EGR in CA models ? .diffrent smog laws there

the 95 and down ones shouldn"t have em, i think that that began w/ the obdII crap in 96:tdwn:oh, and mine ain"t got one, and also it"s an 02:tup:i will offer the human being who guesses appropriately why that don"t a cookie;D
My original 97 engine didn"t have an egr .. Once I purchase a 95" 3500 because that a donor truck to swap engines , the did have egr .. I placed the 95" through egr right into 97 without . I deleted the egr and also it didn"t throw any kind of codes .... BTW my van is not a California version ............

mine was a northeast build and also has an EGR - mines a 2005i simply noticed quiet - is her a 1994? i bet thats why.
yea mine is a 94. However the initial engine DID have actually an EGR valve. Currently i purchase the truck v a diffrent motor in it, becuase the original had actually a pole knock. Yet when i went to install the vacuum lines ns noticed no egr. Therefore anyone kno how to avoid or bypass the egr circuit? or carry out i need a diffrent setup?
My original 97 engine didn"t have an egr .. When I bought a 95" 3500 for a donor van to swap engines , the did have actually egr .. I placed the 95" with egr into 97 there is no . Ns deleted the egr and also it didn"t throw any codes .... BTW my van is no a California model ............

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2007 Dodge ram 1500 Quad Cab large Horn 4x4Yeah, it"s gained a HEMI!Pretty lot stock because that now, still way far better than mine 98
I Welded the exhaust manifold & entry manifold whereby the Egr was routed . Then ns plugged the vacuum lines .. Favor I said over It didn"t throw any type of codes ...
to the op, i"m still gonna speak it"s cause the truck"s a 94, that"s before egr and everything, i think:dunno:
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