FUEL FILTERRemoval & InstallationFuel filter is situated on height of fuel tank, near fuel pump module. Fuel lines space permanently attached to fuel filter. Release fuel press from fuel system. Disconnect fuel lines at fuel pump module and also fuel supply line using ideal procedure. Eliminate retaining bolt and also fuel filter. Come install, reverse removal procedure. Use suitable procedure for installing fuel lines. Turn ignition on and also check for fuel leaks.


hi AARON, ns attached the procedure because that the filter. That looks choose it is ~ above the tank. Please let me recognize if friend need an ext information. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you need anything else to obtain the problem fixed. Many thanks

Is it feasible to install an electrical external fuel pump? ns am acquiring on in years and want make repairs easier. Having to replace the one in tank is going to be price prohibitive because that me. I have actually priced parts to be around $160.00 plus. The job is probably going to be fairly high.

no really as the in tank unit likewise has the fuel push regulator developed in. Your exterior pump would have to draw through the in tank unit and also have an exterior regulator. The pump assembly is roughly $120.00 because that the OEM Bosch pump. Labor counts on the shop. That is not a hard one to adjust but if you room in the rust belt it could be worse.
The fuel filter mounts to the top of the fuel tank, pictured below..fuel filter (1) mounted next to the fuel pump module (2), on optimal of the fuel tank (3)


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What\"s the symptom? except for diesel engines, you will never solve a running problem on a Chrysler product by replacing the fuel filter. They happen the largest amount the fuel during coasting. They actually have to pass the shortest volume while accelerating.Caradiodoc
Hi, my details was an easy about the location. Under the vehicle, ahead of fuel tank. Sorry, i don\"t have a snapshot of location. The filter photo is indigenous napa.

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