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First time short article here. I have a 97 Rodeo V6 3.2L through 189k miles and also an automatic transmission. Ns just gained the automobile with the tranny trouble so ns don"t understand much about the background of it.The tranny is slipping out of gear when moving to 3rd gear at around 25-30 mph. It will feel choose it should change from second to third but it doesn"t and also then it will just completely slip the end of equipment as if it to be in neutral. Steering in 1st and 2nd gear appears fine, the doesn"t on slide from first to 2nd. Just from second to 3rd.I have actually not checked the tranny liquid level under the auto yet.I am wondering if this sounds choose the tranny has actually a mechanical problem and also will absolutely need an overhaul/rebuild or if over there is a opportunity that putting in new tranny fluid and even some anti-slip additive can fix the problem. Thanks

IF the is low, then adding trans liquid is logical and also may correct the problem, however, if the does not, after that countless miles, you are probably staring a infectious diseases worldwide rebuild or repair in the face. No the finish of the world but not what any type of of united state automatic owners choose to need to do.There are plenty of knowledgeable world here on the Planet, so keep asking questions, and you should get advantageous advice. Usage the search role too to learn more.HTH One guys opinion.
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If the original owner never maintained liquid condition/level, etc. It"s no surprizing to be running right into issues; as stated above, inspect fluid level and condition and also report back.If the fluid"s black/brown and also smelly, it"s more than likely too so late to perform any an excellent on current transmission.If the fluid is low, pump more fluid in while truck IS running; use only Dex III, carry out NOT use any kind of of the brand-new so-called enhanced Dex versions.Keep united state posted.I have actually your precise same truck, year model and also automatic through 197k miles initial auto transmission; yet I"m the initial owner and have adjusted the liquid every 10-15k miles.
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thanks. The liquid was brown yet i don"t think it smelled that burned or weird compared to new fluid yet this to be the very first time smelling provided fluid. I never ever got roughly to checking the liquid level because i didn"t have actually a battery.....somebody available to buy the so i sold it...thanks for the help.
Welcome come the Planet!I don"t think as well many world here will certainly speculate on her trans problem. You really need to do the fluid level check........the right way is level level surface, engine running, wheels chocked, trans just beginning to warmth up, eliminate the overflow plug (No. 1 in pic) and also if no fluid runs out, add trans liquid till that does. Use the right liquid as well. Be cautious though...since it is a to run vehicle and also exhaust is HOT> due to the fact that you room down there, take it a look at the fluid that is in it now to see if the is scorched or smells bad. Usage a small hose or pipe to obtain a little out if none comes out once you eliminate the plug. See just how the fluid looks that is in there now before adding brand-new fluid.

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IF the is low, then including trans fluid is logical and also may exactly the problem, however, if it does not, ~ that plenty of miles, you are probably staring a trans rebuild or fix in the face. Not the end of the world but not what any kind of of us automatic owners favor to need to do.There are numerous knowledgeable human being here top top the Planet, so store asking questions, and also you have to get helpful advice. Usage the search role too to learn more.HTH One males opinion.
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