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Ok, just took my 2000 CRV in for the 90,000 mile service. Actually mileage is a tiny less than 89,000. Acquired the contact that the technology is recommending a time belt. Funny point is the the torture said, "You haven"t had that excellent yet have actually you?" castle are also running a deal of $50 off thru July. Renders me wonder if the really demands to be done yet. I thought it was recommended at roughly 105,000. Any type of advice is substantially appreciated.

Ok, just took my 2000 CRV in for the 90,000 mile service. In reality mileage is a small less 보다 89,000. Gained the speak to that the tech is recommending a time belt. Funny thing is that the torture said, "You haven"t had actually that excellent yet have actually you?" they are also running a deal of $50 turn off thru July. Renders me wonder if that really needs to be excellent yet. I believed it to be recommended at around 105,000. Any kind of advice is considerably appreciated.
You are quite right. The time belt isn"t due until 105,000 miles and also maybe the dealer is just drumming increase business. It"s no that out of heat however. Numerous our much more rigorous maintainers execute timing belts as quickly as 70k. It"s not really a bad thing to be a small conservative with something as an important as a timing belt and also water pump. They space the kinds of things that when they fail, poor things have the right to happen.
Well i opted come wait top top the timing belt in ~ this point. The full they to be trying to market me on to be $1,299. Because that the timing belt, new rotors and also brakes (still have actually 15% top top brakes) and also the 90,000 mile service. The new rotors are as result of a "rust ring" the was making noise. The advisor said that to be "the only way to get rid of the noise" so ns was expecting to it is in gritting my this all the means home after choose it up because I said I"d wait on the too. Guess what, the noise isn"t over there now!!!! I"m going to check out some other areas to view what their price is on the timing belt since I understand the prominence of acquiring it done. Just want to discover the ideal price in town.

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Good catch and a real great point.
$1300 because that Brakes & time Belt? I"m in the wrong line of work!$1300 seems steep because that brakes and also timing belt job. The water pump is usually changed at the very same time as the timing belt due to the fact that the labor affiliated to obtain to the belt and water pump is the exact same - so girlfriend kill 2 birds with one stone (labor charge). If the idler pulley is noisy, that may be changed too. It"s likewise a an excellent time to replace the other 3 belts (power steering, A/C, and alternator). The usual prices I"ve heard quoted because that the occupational are in the $500-600 range. Real Honda parts price alone for brand-new ps/ac/alt/timing belt + water pump + sundries is about $200.The brake task is much easier than the timing belt. The components (discs + pad kit) cost more than the time belt job but the labor is less.
for the love the god tijerota...please uncover yourself one more mechanic!! Those price are way out the line!!
timing belt replacement
a repair cost of $500 come 650 is not bad at all, I acquired a quote for nearly $1500 simply for the time belt instead of at a honda dealership.I additionally got a qoute because that 350 for belt replacement just at one independent repair shop.
timing belt
I rec"d a quote for around $1000 in ~ my neighborhood dealer, finished up replacing it is a little bit of work-related though.

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I know it"s one old thread but I figured I"d share my suffer here due to the fact that this thread came up in mine google searches because that timing belt replacement. I just took my car to the mechanic and they told me I needed my timing belt replaced due to the fact that it is generally done in ~ 105,000 miles and my auto is in ~ 160,000. The price for a Contitech timing belt kit was $310 which supposedly is also over sleeve (I saw one for $146 on a google search with a retail price that $281). Labor was $388, yet they also replaced a valve cover gasket for this reason that could have enhanced the job cost. Ns did a search for time belt replacement cost and list the national typical as in between $304 and $411, but they speak the parts cost is only $40-70, which even if lock were using the sale price would be wrong. My advice would certainly be to shop roughly if you understand it is time to get it replaced.