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Hi everybody, I simply purchased a 1996 Lincoln continental 4.6L with 94K miles. It needs little TLC. Below are few of the things I require some assist with: Compressor because that air suspension keeps running every 2 to 3 minuets for 15 come 20 seconds and also it is really noisy. Once it starts, the right front side of the car rises.When i take off, the engine seems to kick ago after the the drive is smooth. It needs front brakes and also rotors. The company engine soon light is ON. AutoZone did a password scan, lock told me the following: O2 sensor financial institution 1 sensor 1 is bad.# 1 cylinder is misfiring.Fuel error. The automobile does no seem to have any kind of power. Mine 97 Lumina v 3.1 has quick solution and is lot faster. Can one cylinder misfiring loose this lot power? Any assist and suggestions will certainly be considerably appreciated.
I would emphasis on one thing at a time. You can save alot of money purchase aftermarket parts,and act the repair yourself. Find Automotive court using crucial words: waiting suspenshion problems.Example:AF-> Lincoln > Town vehicle > find this Forum ""Air suspenshion"" MCGIVER
Had a 92 cont and also have a 94 cont.Air-rides will always need TLC.Take the airdryer off the pump, change the o-ring and also reseat - see if the doesn"t protect against the to ride bicycle (due to a little leak).
Well, I had some work-related done on mine car and it operation great. Unfortunately ns held back on suspension work and yesterday my compressor ultimately died. Now, the front of my vehicle is virtually touching the ground. Much more bad news is the my wife and also I have actually just separated and I am v 4 kids and also make ends fulfill with my paycheck. I need to drive to work about 70 miles everyday and also have no money to solve the automobile right now. Ns am simply thinking if I deserve to just change the compressor because that now, the will permit me to walk to work and hopefully compressor will endure until next month and then I can replace the bags or placed a counter kit. Any ideas or suggestions will be significantly appreciated.

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Put a schraeder valve (metal valve stem) right into the height of the airpump, store a full airtank in your trunk, or be all set to stop and also airup in ~ the pour it until it is full station. The last 6 months prior to my father died, this acquired him back and soon to the Cancer Dr. And also hospital. A mechanic deserve to do it in 15 minutes. Then you deserve to air it all the means up, or simply enough. Geez, i hope things smooth out for ya"ll.