Engine mechanical problem1996 Ford traveler 6 cyl four Wheel drive Automatic my ford traveler won.T start, the fuel pump is defectHow have the right to I adjust it ore how have the right to I test it is over there an manuel about the fuel system.Is it feasible that the fuel pomp is defect, expect to obtain some aid Where is the fuel pump hiden, ns think under the car near the fuel tank? but I deserve to not find, carry out you need to remove the fuel tank?

The fuel pump is in the gas tank! Unplug the connector, rotate the crucial to on, and also test the wires for voltage. Examine your fuses in the car and under the hood, and the fuel pump relay, likewise under the hood in the power distrbution box.

Oke the plugg is that the one near the fuel filterthere is a huge bundel of wires.Can you aid me with a foto or manuel to get the good fuel pump relay.I have actually the manuel that the fusesbut don"t have a manuel native the relais box.The fuses are good I tested themThe told me car pump is defecthope you can assist me more.

#12 fuse in the power circulation box is the fuel pump fuse 20 amp....so is the fuel pump relay ns don"t have a diagram yet it"s top top the appropriate fender apron under the hood, have some one turn the crucial to on and also listen because that the click of the relay...you must turn the key off because that a minute or two in between tries...the owners manual should have actually the legend of this crate in it!



Jump the pump test pin to the solitary wire connector that is through this connector, usually mounted on the left fender, this will test the pump circuit...

Oke thanks i wil try that out tomorrow.it is strange , however from one on a various other day or moment the engine won"t start . Every one said that the fuel pump is jamed or defect . I will try your details first. And i choose to deal with the problem ,. It"s placing me come a huge Question..normaly you find the pump in 2 ore 3 minutes yet by this vehicle i think the you must remove the tank .its a big ........... Work-related the tank is full .hope that i may write my outcomes tomorrow.Thank for this reason far. Eric. Through the means there are also two diodes what do the perform ??


Oke the fuse is oke the relai renders a kliking sound however stil no. Engine sound.He won"t start i am very. Reasoning it is the fuel pumphow perform I obtain that point out the gas tankdoes any one had the same problem, to provide me some clues to remove the pump.Sorrie for my negative english writing.Regards Eric. From the netherlandsstill hope to fix my ford.
Hello, there This weekend we dismouted the fuel tank. It no zo easy, several wires.The fuel pump is the problem, it is jammed.Thanks for the information.Now I have to buy a new one and the difficulty is over i hope.But it is verry dum ore the way the fuel pump is installed, it.S on a verry dificult place.I am reasoning to location an pump external the fuel tank.But ns don"t no if that is possible,
Those diodes make certain power operation one method only, test v continuity tester, need to only occupational in one direction. First, fall the gas tank, unplug the connections, usage a spanner wrench to eliminate the lock ring, or a hammer and BRASS punch. Pull the end the old pump, dissconnect the wires, noting wherein the go, install brand-new pump. Reinstal lock ring, plug in the connector, install the tank! try to eliminate all but about 1 gallon of gas, or the tank will certainly be HEAVY!
How carry out I replace A Fuel Pump. What actions Do I have to Take and also Safely?Is there Anything I need to Know?
Electrical Problem1996 Ford explorer 6 Cyl 2 Wheel drive Automatic My car Cranks but Will no Start. I perform Not listen The Fuel Pump...

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I have actually Replaced The Fuel Pump 3 Times. Had actually A Ford Diag. Check and also Replaced all Recomended Parts yet When ever I with 55mph It shuts Off...
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I have Replaced The Fuel Pump 3 Times. Had actually A Ford Diag. Check and Replaced all Recomended Parts however When ever before I reach 55mph It turn off Off(...