Notice: * I recognize that this product is not DOT compliant because that on road headlight applications in USA.

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Product Description

Nothing ~ above the market beats ours Kepler collection LED Headlights for for sure driving on dark hill roads or distraction-filled suburban streets. Our compact LED headlights exceed the power of normal headlights, helping you view the roadway with ease.

1993 - 1998 Lincoln mark VIII Kepler Series LED Headlights package Includes:

1 Pair of Kepler H11 LED Headlights

2 Mounting Pads

2 Zip Ties

Installation Guide

Curious around our Premium Quantum vs. Traditional Kepler Headlight Kits? Checkout this video for product to compare :

Make a explain every time you drive at night by upgrading your factory headlights through a plug n pat Kepler series H11 LED headlight instead of kit for her 1993 - 1998 Lincoln mark VIII by This headlights combine to cast a vivid, shoulder-to-shoulder array that reveals every little thing ahead the you without distracting oncoming drivers.

Why buy Headlights?

Premium look. LED lighting is noticeably different from conventional lighting, providing your car a premium look. You’ll gain brighter, crisper lighting that makes driving in ~ night safer and easier.Top-of-the-line. LED headlight packages from market top-of-the-line performance and also life expectancySuperior warm Dissipation. ours headlights use milled aluminum heat radiators through internally it is provided fans the dissipate warm quickly and also evenly.Easy come install. every one of our LED headlight packages are basic to install with plug-n-play connectors. In fact, we have actually step-by-step instruction videos showing specifically how come install lamp on famous modelsNote: LED Headlights are compatible with all short Beam, High Beam, Fog Light and Daytime to run Light (DRL) applications.

1993 - 1998 Lincoln mark VIII Kepler series LED Headlights package Includes:

1 Pair the Kepler H11 LED HeadlightsMounting Pads2 Zip TiesInstallation Guide

How perform We Test and Measure our Products?

We space glad girlfriend asked! at we invest a far-ranging amount that time testing, measuring, and also comparing the power of our LED headlights with others come ensure we sell the greatest quality product to our customers.


Oftentimes, marketers will certainly list the complete lumen(lm) output of an LED bulb with ever increasing numbers. 10,000 Lumens! 20,000 Lumens! This measurement is deceiving! while Lumens actions the full light generated by a bulb, Lux(lx) measures how much useable light reaches its to plan destination. A poorly design high lumen calculation bulb will certainly not reflect irradiate optimally the end of a headlight housing, and also will result in short lux output. Let’s observe exactly how Lux is measured in our lab:


Pictured over is a replica the the SAE J575 Headlight Beam sample Standard used for measure up by all OEM Manufacturers that automotive headlights. In total there room 15 distinct points wherein light calculation is measured.

1 come 3 – actions High Beam light output: When measuring low beam light output, points 1 through 3 should be together close to 0 as possible, representing the quantity of glare the oncoming driver might see4 to 5 – measures driver side cutoff: There must be a steep drop turn off in light output from point out 8,10, come points 4,5, indicating solid cutoff and also low glare come oncoming drivers6 to 9 – Measures facility Light Output: This is frequently the brightest concentration that light. Uniform light output means each point will be comparable without too lot variation10,12,14 – steps light calculation left the center: solid performance left the center method the bulb shows light in a uniform pattern11,13,15 – actions light output appropriate of center: solid performance right of center means the bulb mirrors light in a uniform pattern.

Equipment and also Metrics - measure up ALL THE THINGS!

We test and also measure everything! Lux, temperature, voltage, wattage, amperage. It’s all crucial when examining the overall performance and also quality of one LED.

To measure Lux output, us take readings with a LED Lux Meter in ~ a conventional distance of 12 feet. This is excellent at every solitary point (1 v 15) ~ above the SAE J575 experimentation diagram.

To verify energy consumption, we record output voltage, amperage, and total watts. Too frequently we find that a 35W, or 50W LED over its rated power consumption, definition the bulb is making use of too much power, overdriving the LED at higher temperature bring about premature light deterioration or finish of life.


Temperature - It’s acquiring hot, room we there yet?

Almost. Temperature is likewise a major factor in LED performance and also life span. LEDs do not like heat and also typically the brighter the LED, the an ext heat that creates, possibly shortening the life expectations of the LED bulb. After 10 minute of continual output, us measure both the temperature the the LED Chip, and the hottest allude on the heatsink. Halogen bulbs…. Are very hot. The reduced the temperature, the much more efficient the light source is.

ProductDistanceVoltsAmpsWattsDissipationTimeHousing TempBulb Temp
Halogen12ft14.54.4564.52Ambient600(s)191 F560F
Kepler collection 112ft142.7239.16Fan600(s)119 F114 F

Charts - OK display Me Some pictures Already!

When compare the light output in Lux the a common Halogen bulb and also our Kepler collection LED bulb, there is no question what is better. The facility of the beam (6, 7, 8, 9) on average twin in lux output, and an ext impressively, left and also right political parties triple in lux output.

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Let’s watch at part comparison photos. For those that are visual skeptics, every photos were taken in the very same light problems with the same precise settings.

Canon T4i + 16-35mm IS together Lens at 30mm, ISO100, F-Stop 2.0 and also 1/2000 exposure time