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I have actually a 1996 Honda Accord 2.7L V6. The critical time the transmission liquid was adjusted was in 1999 at 16,500 miles the vehicle now has 89,000 miles on it. Is the transmission liquid safe to change or will certainly it reason damage come the transmission since its been in there therefore long?

Manual or automatic? Why to be it changed at 16,500 miles?"since it"s been in there for this reason long" is precisely why you require to readjust it.

Its one automatic. That"s the last document I could find of it being changed. I heard that in time particles accumulate in the transmission fluid and also when adjusted it can damage the transmission. Is this true?
The drainpipe bolt has actually a magnet that will collect lot of the metal shavings. You require a 3x drain and fill. I simply did my 2013 and here is what I would certainly recommend based on my suffer (it to be the very first time i did it myself):Run the car to operation temp, then let it sit for 30 minutes. My drain bolt faced towards the passenger tire, so ns jacked up the driver front and also put in a jack was standing (so all the fluid runs in the direction of the drain. Drain out and let drainpipe for 5 minutes or so. An additional thing i did after ~ the liquid had drained for a few minutes to be take mine jack and jack increase the ago drivers side so liquid in the rear of the pan would run towards the drainpipe which to be the drain was closer come the former of the car. Just jacked that up and let the sit for perhaps 30-60 seconds, climate let the jack down and let the fluid drain for a couple more minutes.Measure just how much liquid was removed. You can use a 5 qt bucket with dimensions on the to acquire a close reading. It will most likely be 4-4.5 quarts. Install the drainpipe bolt with the provided crush washer. Include the lot of ATF the you removed. Begin the vehicle with your foot ~ above the brake and move the shifter with all the gears a few times pausing a couple seconds in each gear. Then take it for a drive on the highway for possibly 5-10 miles so you can hit speak converter lockup. Lug it back home, allow sit for 30 minutes, then repeat the above 2 an ext times.Prior to the 3rd fill, download a brand-new crush washer top top the drainpipe bolt and torque the bolt come the proper specs for your vehicle (you can discover online or in the business manual). Because that the last fill, i would include 1/2 quart much less than what you took the end on the third drain. Start the car, run it v the gears as stated above, then turn the automobile off, wait 60 seconds, and check the dipstick. If it is low, add a couple of ounces at a time
and re-check. It"s crucial not to overfill...I did and also had come siphon some liquid out, i m sorry is no fun.

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Take it out for another drive as you walk on ahead fills. Then bring it back home, turn the engine off, wait 60 seconds, and check the dipstick again. Add more if needed, again just a couple ounces at a time. After that, just inspect it because that a couple days after ~ you journey it to make sure the level is continuing to be where it requirements to be.Make sure you only use Honda ATF which you have the right to purchase at the dealership. I recommend having a situation on hand for a 3x drain and fill just to it is in safe. Friend can constantly return unopened bottles, but keep a bottle or partial bottle on hand for future top-offs if needed.
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