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If you room the owner of a Honda or an Acura and find the your brake lights won't turn off, also after remove the key, I'm happy come say the systems is usually basic and cheap.

When you push down on the brake pedal, a brake pedal move bumper top top the height of the pedal assembly moves away from a plunger, activating the brake irradiate switch.

It is very likely the a deteriorated or absent brake pedal move bumper is the cause of her problem.

Diagnosing the Issue

The very first step is to examine the floorboard in ~ the pedals. There, girlfriend will practically certainly discover crumbles that blue or yellowish rubber that is broken and dry.

These crumbs room a clue the your brake pedal move bumper has succumbed come old age and also causing her brake irradiate problem.

When age and also heat obtain the best of the bumper, it cracks and also falls out of place. Through no bumper in place, the brake irradiate switch has actually nothing to keep it in place, so the circuit continues to be open.

To check this is the problem, slide your hand up along the brake pedal till you uncover an north hole.

Parts girlfriend Will require

The component you will need will rely on her diagnosis.

If your brake pedal move bumper is broken or missing, friend will require a replacement brake pedal move bumper.

If the bumper is intact, you may need a brake irradiate switch.

How to resolve Your Brake Lights

Now the you've diagnosed the issue, resolving the trouble yourself is simple.

Go to an auto parts store or Honda dealership and also ask for a brake pedal switch bumper. This should price less 보다 $5. You may have to buy a rubber bumper assortment, i m sorry will likewise do the job. The assortment will certainly come v a variety of bumpers, but the one that you will need will be flanged through a flat, round height (pictured below).


To start replacing the brake pedal move bumper, you will require to:

Start her car. In order to replace the part, you require to develop a vacuum in the braking system, i beg your pardon is only possible with the auto running.Press the brake pedal with one hand.With the other hand, slide the brake light switch bumper up the brake pedal, feeling around for the hole whereby it will go. The flat section of the switch bumper must be dealing with the rear of the vehicle.When you acquire the flanged part of the switch bumper right into the hole, press it hard so that can't quickly come out. Periodically universal bumpers space a small too huge to fit, so clipping a little rubber off of the flange can help.When the bumper is in place, relax the brake and the plunger will certainly press against the new part. Her brake lights need to now rotate off!

If the Bumper is Intact, shot Replacing the Switch

A damaged brake light switch bumper is the likeliest reason of Honda or Acura brake light issues, however sometimes a broken brake light switch is the culprit.

If, feeling follow me the brake pedal, you uncover that the rubber brake light switch bumper is in place, press the pedal and manually push the plunger on the brake light switch.

Have an assistant inspect for suitable operation that the brake lights.

Sometimes the plungers stick and also require a little of lubrication, but other time the spring within the brake irradiate switch assembly have the right to break. Most brake irradiate switches are just $10 come $30 and also are reasonably easy come replace.To execute this, you will require to:

Unplug the switch.Loosen the convey nut with an 18-mm wrench.Once the adjustment nut has actually been loosened native the mounting plate, the threaded brake light switch deserve to be unscrewed by hand and also removed.Screw in a brand-new brake irradiate switch.Tighten adjustment nut. Your brake lights should now rotate off!


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Dean on July 10, 2020:

You made it easy, thanks.

James on may 17, 2020:

Works perfectly

Horacio ~ above October 30, 2019:

Thank you for posting this. I would have never figured this worry out through my Honda Pilot. Only take me a couple of minute after purchase the rubber stopper in ~ the auto parts store.

TJ ~ above October 13, 2019:

You to be spot on with the stuck brake light fix 100 thanks to you

Cathy on October 05, 2019:

Thank girlfriend so much! Blue plastic pieces detective work and also everything! God's wealthiest blessings ~ above u and also yours for saving this widow a big hunk the $!

Mark ~ above September 28, 2019:

Thanks! I had actually to go to the dealer to acquire the part, yet it was straightforward fix!

Krunal Thanki top top July 28, 2019:

Great article. You save me a mechanic visits. Thanks a ton.

JULIE WALKER top top July 01, 2019:

OMG addressed mine through a rubber washer and tiny screw! Thanks

PS discovered the old component in pieces in the floor as with u said!

Katie on might 18, 2019:

THANK YOU!! through this post I was able to settle the trouble by myself.

Forrest on might 06, 2019:

You saved me a trip to the mechanic for a diagnosis the the problem! an easy fix as soon as I read about the problem.

Aaron on march 26, 2019:

Thanks! A quick and easy fix.

Glen on February 20, 2019:

You to be absolutely right and also thank girlfriend so much! components store had a variety package of bumpers because that $5.

Rachel ~ above October 31, 2018:

Thanks so much! the did the cheat ; )

Marcie899 ~ above October 04, 2018:

I to be 5' 3", with short arms. I ordered a hadite block and also wedged the brake pedal down to complimentary up both hands. Functioned perfectly!!! thanks so much... Sure you saved me a ton of money!

Oh, and also the auto parts store didn't lug the part, yet got the from a honda dealership for $5.

Puneet on respectable 20, 2018:


really helpful and easy to understand. Will shot it and also let friend know.

Mary on respectable 18, 2018:

Thanks! The advice around cutting turn off the finish of the too-long plastic bumper was specifically helpful.

Allie on august 12, 2018:

That’s precisely what the difficulty was!! two minute fix! say thanks to you

Seffil on august 12, 2018:

Excellent advise and also right ~ above target. Easy and quick repair.

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Mark on respectable 10, 2018:

Thank girlfriend so much. You conserved me numerous money. The auto it is provided did not have the rubber bumpers yet I found a plastic human body clip v a level top the fit and did the job perfectly. It cost less than $5 for a pkg of 10 of them.