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I have actually a 1995 5.7l k1500 that"s to run really unstable at idle i did a fuel pressure test key on engine turn off 12psi and also when the pump turns off I loosened all mine pressure. Is this normal or must pressure organize I"m suspecting mine regulator.


You stated: " as soon as the pump turns off I loose all mine pressure. Is this normal or should pressure hold".TBI regulators have to hold a minimum press (9 psi) for at the very least a minute or so, ...then gradually drop to zero over a pair of minutes.But dropping conveniently there is a definite problem, replace the fuel press regulator through one that have the right to resist ethanol fuels.
Replaced the regulator condition stayed the very same fuel pump is brand new. The only code coming up is 12 not sure if that"s just telling me the sequence has actually been activated yet it"s to run really unstable there are no vacuum leaks timing is perfect cap rotor and also coil and plugs are new if ns unplug any type of one that the plugs the motor doesnt change.

Pop a few squirts of carb spray in the accelerator body. Walk the idle enhance at all? walk the engine speed increase?Disconnect the brake booster hose, … go the idle improve, idle faster, or stalled ~ above itself?Report.
So I replaced the distributor and put my brand-new cap icm and rotor on and also no readjust so ns took a old cap ns had and also threw that and a old rotor on and also it ran great until I placed it in equipment it sputters a tiny rpms are roughly 500 and also it smells choose gas favor it"s running rich I got the timing at zero with advancement wire unplugged. Then ns plug that in and cant also see the timing note anymore. Need to I try to breakthrough it a tiny more?

Find a "paint pen", "wax pen" or even white (or yellow) touch up paint in a bottle. Mark the groove in the dampener.Look directly in through the timing light (no parallax view). Timing have to be in ~ zero with wire disconnected.Do mine diagnostic inquiry as stated in short article # 5.Pop a few squirts of carb spray in the throttle body. Did the idle improve at all? did the engine speed increase?Disconnect the brake booster hose, … walk the idle improve, idle faster, or stalled top top itself?Report.Were looking at the wait / fuel proportion for difficulties at this point.
I sprayed into the throttle body and also it acquired worse unplugged brake booster it idled way up sounded far better timing is right on zero with development unplugged

Then your informing me the fuel mixture is somewhat rich.I hope her running a 195 level thermostat??? 180 or less deserve to aggravate this wealthy fuel condition.It would help us exponentially if you could find a OBD 1 scan device (not OBD 2 uneven it has the adapters because that OBD 1) that deserve to read data. I require to understand what the O2 sensors (Sensor 1, financial institutions 1 & 2) space doing for voltage readings together with MAP, TPS, Engine coolant sensors space their respective outputs.O2 sensors need to cycle 1 to 2 times a 2nd minimum. An excellent mixture will certainly be close to 50% of the time above .440 volts and also 50% the the time listed below .440 volts. If the bulk of the time the voltage is over .440 volts, climate you have a affluent mixture on the engine bank.Fuel pressure "must
" be between 9 come 13 pounds (11 psi gift the average) at every times v the motor to run and very first keyed up. Anytime over 13 psi, a rich problem will exist. Fuel pressure should somewhat hold from 1 to 3 minutes after engine shut under (not less than 6 come 8 psi).

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As for doing it the "manual way" (which i don"t recommend for you) friend would have to uncover a an extremely fine (28 gauge or smaller) stiff wire and "back probe" the sensor wiring harness and read the return signal voltage (variable between 0 and 5 volts DC), other than the coolant sensor.Coolant sensor you measure up the "resistance" top top the sensor itself (yellow / black color wires) completely warmed up. Offer me the resistance at fully warmed along with what the dash gauge tells you.Disconnect the vacuum hose to the MAP sensor, walk the idle obtain worse / better? Is there "full" manifold vacuum to the MAP sensor?What is the signal return voltage the the MAP sensor with engine no running, an essential on?Then v the engine idling?What is the signal return voltage for the TPS?You have actually home work. Find a scan device that deserve to red OBD 1 data.