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Hi,The speedometer of my 1993 Toyota Corolla is not functioning properly. It would stuck at 0 once I start driving it. Then about 10 minute or so later it would certainly suddenly rapidly go all the way to about 55 mph. If then I push on the brake gently or otherwise it would easily go every the way down to 0 and also stuck there and also the bike repeat around every 10 minutes. What is the many likely reason of the problem? Does the look like I must replace the instrumentation cluster?Thanks in breakthrough for your insight.
i doubt it would certainly be the intrument cluster thats bad, its much more likely the rate sensor on her tranny, i m sorry is situated on the earlier side the the tranny nearly directly under the intake. Shot removing that and checking the teeth on the gear, if castle look worn then its probly that, or the sensor is just going out.
my GF"s vehicle did other similar, shot cleaning the link at the transmission finish the sensor is under the back of the trans versus the firewall sorta buried
My car has the exact same problem, other than it works after 100 kmph. Even after that it doesn"t precisely work, ti an extremely slowly goes low so that at 140 it reflects 95.I tried pulling tugging beating etc the speed sensor. Theres one bolt that"s shown to be removed and it have to come the end (Haynes manual). It simply doesnt. I"ll next try removing the 3 screws.It"s a 94 1.6 Corolla one-of-a-kind edition (auto)
mine is doing the samething it started after mine altenator burned out ~ above me. First drive v the brand-new one the speedo started practically working in reverse. The jumps come 35mph then roughly 45 the starts going under the much faster i go, it also holds at different speeds ~ above the means down if i organize a speed. I also cant obtain my sensor off, i tried a pry bar even and nothing.
My speedometer began doing the same thing: would continue to be at zero once at 60 km/h, climate acellerating come 80, would kick in. 95 would be analyzed as 110. Odometer and also trip would work fine.On a gamble, I replaced the intrument cluster, and have not had a problem so far. Every I have the right to guess is the electronic card provided to manage the needle acquired fried somehow.To remove the sensor, I found tapping the side-to-side with a hammer helped. Use a pair of vice grips come then gain a good grip on it.
thanks. Ill shot the angry grips, i just didnt desire to begin yanking if there was somthing rather to unbolt.

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Thanks for the help! The hammer and also vice grips operated like a charm. I tested it and its fried. I just ordered a new one turn off ebay.
Mine too! I have a 2003 Corolla and also the Speedometer doesn"t work at all. All the other ones job-related on the dashboard as well as the speedometer. Is the a negative fuse or miscellaneous else?
If your speed sensor is okay, that is the capacitors in the speedometer circuit card. Examine on youtube
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