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My mommy owns a 93 Toyota Camry v the 3.0 V6. The car has around 106,000 mile on the clock and the head gaskets have failed twice. The an initial time occurred earlier in 2004 at approximately 64,000 miles. The second failure developed last Monday through 106,000. Is this usual for older Toyota V6"s? The an initial repair was done through a neighborhood Toyota dealership, take it 17 days and also cost $3,300.00 (US). The second repair to be done by she well trusted long-time mechanic because that $1,100.00 and took 4 days.I believed these vehicles were supposed to it is in well developed vehicles the were as trusted as the sunrise and also could it is in drived because that over 400.000 mile with suitable care and maintenance? She doesn"t overlook the car or abuse that in any means and through such low mileage for an 18 year old car she assumed the auto was just acquiring "broke in".

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1st time no overheat or any type of indication anything was wrong. Took the vehicle to Toyota dealer for complimentary oil readjust and they uncovered the head gasket problem. 2nd time mom drove the car about town top top Sunday afternoon no clues of any problems came out to auto several hrs later to find huge puddle under the car. The Camry just had actually the 120k service done 2 weeks back due come a failed water pump. The mechanic changed the water pump, part bearings, timing belt, spark plugs and also other crucial parts because that this company interval. Mechanic is an extremely respectable and honest my whole family and almost every one of my firends and co-workers have their car serviced by the too. Follow to mine mom, the automobile has never ever overheated the whole time she"s own the vehicle. The Temp guage has never gone to "H".
The 3vze engine is notorious for blown head gaskets( various other than this, the a an excellent engine). While the moment before and between her blown head gaskets is a tiny short, its no usual in ~ all. The iron block and also aluminum heads expand and also contract at various rates causing shearing damage to the head gaskets. I have actually seen 300000+ mile 3vze"s through no head gasket problems, but 100000 + or - seems more common. If friend rebuild it, shot to have both the heads and the block resurfaced and also then use a MLS( multi layer steel) head gasket( if friend can discover one). Find a maker shop that deserve to resurface the head and also block smooth enough to use this form of gasket.If friend dont pull the block ,at least have actually the top resurfaced and also the block confirm for flatness and use just Toyota head gaskets.

the Toyota gaskets are 2nd to none. I have a 92 Camry v a 3VZ-FE and also it has 131k ~ above the engine and has never required head gaskets. Any type of iron block aluminum head engine is prone to the various expansion rates and will because of this require a little much more attention when servicing.
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MLS is the method to go. The later on 1MZs (1994) with composite gaskets weren"t that great either. Coolant seepage (white flour on surface) was regularly seen. Toyota did go to MLS for later on 1MZs.The failed pump (at 120K miles) can add to cylinder head warpage and also head gasket failure. That"s why I"d readjust the belts, pump, pulleys and also oil seals every 5yr/60K miles.Also look increase a local AERA Engine Rebuilders Assco member shop. Some are duds, but look for a racing shop with an excellent reviews.

That"s more than likely why they keep blowing head gaskets.
Ida know John, mine is closing in top top 180K mls., and also it has never had a head gasket problem. My critical aluminum head, iron block Mazda, went well previous that together a highly boosted factory turbo engine. It may be an ext about an easy maintance, than any type of real architecture problems.These cars were so reliable, (from brand-new and through warrantee periods), that i think many folks just forgot that certain things (like a coolant liquid change), was a great idea every couple of years.

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The 3VZ headgasket difficulties are shall us say, overblown. If you don"t severely overheat the engine they room fine, most often the radiator develops a leak, operation lows ~ above coolant and the engine overheats, damaging the gasket. Too bad Toyota started using plastic/aluminum rads instead of all steel radiators. You deserve to buy an all metal replacement unit because that these cars however it prices 3 time the price.
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Its a tricky problem, i have done a few headgaskets in my 6 years as a mechanic and also one the them to be my Camry in ~ 150000 miles. It has actually 197000 now with no head gasket problems. Part engines are just troublesome, 42000 mile is an odd mileage for a head gasket to fail. Something doesnt seem right yet there is no telling