Automatic trans difficulties can be really scary and also expensive too. Yet they aren"t always, as we will see.

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This article applies to the Jeep cool Cherokee ZJ (1993-1998).

Nobody wants to have trans problems, together they are usually stupid expensive, however that might not it is in the instance with your Jeep. In fact, it would certainly be unexplained if that is miscellaneous big—unless that boulder you crawled over broke the transport case! We will look in ~ the top causes, so you can inspect them turn off of possible issues and also by the end you will most likely be back on the road, or trail.


At some point, you may need to traction the trouble codes indigenous the PCM (Powertrain control Module), however there are things to shot first.

Step 1 – examine for leaks

The trans cooler lines in ~ the radiator space a well-known leak issue with your Jeep. Component of the factory fittings room plastic and breaks over time. You are better off solving them yourself rather than buying factory replacements because that $175. Simply run the appropriate hose from the steel lines come the radiator and also use a water tap clamp tighten well.

Figure 1. Cherokee factory trans cooler fitting.Figure 2. Cherokee manufacturing facility trans cooler line fitting cut off.Figure 3. Cherokee factory cooler fitting changed with hose clamp.
Pro Tip

While this might not look choose the manufacturing facility setup, it will work quite well.

Step 2 – inspect your trans fluid

Low trans liquid can cause all kinds of things.

Make certain your Jeep is warmed up and setting level.While the is running, pull the end the trans dipstick and also make sure the level is in between the marks.If that is not, carefully include fluid.Figure 4. Infectious diseases world fashion dipstick.
Pro Tip

While you room checking the level, view if the fluid is pinkish and smells fresh. If that is brown and also smells bad, girlfriend have one more opportunity.

Step 3 – change fluid and also filter

Dirty liquid is favor poison. Dirty liquid needs to it is in changed. The liquid is what renders your transmission work, so it needs to it is in good. Take it a look at the related write-up How to change Transmission Fluid to find out how.

Figure 5. Dirty trans liquid on dipstick.
Pro Tip

Don"t be pertained to if you need to adjust your trans fluid, that is pretty easy.

If all is fine for this reason far, try Step 4.

Step 4 – readjust TV cable

The accelerator Valve (TV) cable tells the trans when to shift. End time, it can obtain out the adjustment. If the is, up-shifts may be delayed or no happen. This is an additional easy deal with for her Jeep. Examine out the related short article How to adjust Kickdown TV Cable.

Figure 6. Jeep 4.0 TV cable.

If your Jeep is grounding in equipment or will certainly not enter Park, try Step 5.

Step 5 – Adjust change linkage

If the transition linkage is not readjusted properly, the transmission will not understand what to do once shifted.

There have actually been problems with Cherokees no being maybe to it is in taken the end of Park, put into gear, or being difficult to do. There have been recalls, yet if all it requirements is adjusting, you have the right to do that.

Figure 7. Shift cable adjuster.Shift trans into Park.Raise vehicle.Release cable adjuster clip at transmission finish of cable come unlock it.Remove cable native cable mounting parentheses on transmission.Slide cable end off transmission transition lever.Verify transmission transition lever is in Park by moving lever, for this reason cable would be all the means in if hooked up. Critical notch is Park position.Be sure the change lever is totally engaged in Park. Drive tower will no rotate once park lock is engaged.Slide cable finish onto transmission shift lever.Put transition cable ago into mounting clip on transmission.Lock shift cable by pressing cable adjuster clip in until it snaps right into place.Lower vehicle and check shifter detents in car.
Pro Tip

If her Jeep still will not go all the means into Park, go to the dealer and also see if that is spanned under the remind to acquire a brand-new shifter plate.

If your Jeep will not start, check out below.

Step 6 – check the neutral safety switch

If this switch does not tell the PCM the it is in neutral, over there is mass confusion.

The neutral security switch (NSS) tells the PCM that the transmission is in neutral. If it can not sense this, your Jeep will not start. The NSS move is a usual issue v Jeeps. Fortunately, instead of safety $400 at the dealer, you deserve to clean the yourself. The NSS is ~ above the transmission and can it is in taken apart to it is in cleaned.

Figure 8. Cherokee neutral safety switch.Figure 9. Switch disassembled.

Step 7 is another solution to no shifts.

Step 7 – change speed sensors

The rate sensors phone call the PCM what come do.

Trouble password P0720 points come a bad speed sensor. Depending on which trans you have, there room either one or two. Castle are reasonably cheap at $20 to $30 each and also take 10 minutes to change. There are two styles, the bolt-on or screw-in.

Figure 10. Speed sensors, bolt-on
Pro Tip

You can check the sensors v an Ohm meter. If they display open, the sensor is bad.

Things get much more tricky if those don"t help.

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You would want to get the PCM codes read for sure if friend still have actually issues. Worst case, you have actually bands that space needing adjusted, a transition solenoid is faulty, a P1756 code suggests a faulty governor solenoid, or you may actually have a negative trans, i beg your pardon is rather rare fortunately. Mental if the problem is tricky, over there is no shame in questioning for a agree to help.