I have a 1995 Honda Accord LX 2.2L with 152,000 mile I have a had actually a trouble with mine speedometer and also odometer not working. Sometimes they both work but most of the time my speedometer reads 20 MPH v the vehicle started and my odometer doesn"t move. What can be the issue?Thanks, Corey

Sounds prefer it might be a trouble with the VSS (Vehicle speed Sensor). Does the transmission change correctly? If therefore the VSS is many likely an excellent and you space looking in ~ an worry in the tool clusterSee the enclosed wiring diagram- The VSS goes right to the cluster for speedometer/odometer

just how do you repair an odometer top top a 97 Honda Accord? The tripometer is likewise not working, however, the speedometer IS working.Any assist would it is in appreciated. Thanks!

my 94 Honda Accord speedometer and odometer not working. The speedometer dropped to ZERO and odometer stopped register milage as soon as I to be driving. Then the irradiate on D4 to be blinking and also Checking Engine light also came on. Can you tell me what"s wrong through my car? Thanks.
im not certain if your vehicle has a speedo cable but if the does climate its broken. If your auto doesnt has actually a speedo cable then that means your rate sensor is bad
The odometer and also trip odometer have actually stopped functioning on my 1994 Accord. The speedometer and also Tach space fine, just the odometer(s).What might be the problem and how is it fixed?
hi mak1010, try pushing the trip meter switch a few times to check out if the odometer starts functioning again.As speedometer is working, it is not a bad automobile speed sensor. The problem lies in the meter cluster, it could be a negative motor for to run the odometer and also trip meter.It could likewise be a negative printed circuit in the meter cluster.
hi ggause, If there is any kind of CEL, acquire it scanned to uncover out the error code. I doubt the rate sensor to be faulty ccausing the speedometer not to work.
infection problem1995 Honda Accord 4 cyl automatically We have actually a 1995 Honda accord, a mechanic had replaced the seals in the transmission. Now the odometer and also speedometer are not working. Us were told the this can be some kind of sensor. Not certain what the trouble is.
hi My car has a faulty odometer and also the speed guage. They work from time to time and also I yes, really dont recognize what I can be. I could be control in the highway and it could not work every one of a sudden its working fine however then again the next day it might just prevent working.
my speedometer/odometer on my "93 Honda Accord does not job-related 90% that the time. If the is the speed sensor, whereby is it located exactly?
VSs is find on peak of transaxle, just listed below the thermostat housing. Removed the air intake hose would allow you to situate it easily.
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