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Hey guys.... Ns looking in ~ buying a 93 Wildcat 700. Do all of these for this year come with EFI? Is the EFI system any type of good? carry out you guys know of any type of common difficulties with this sled? What do you men think? Is this a good sled or am i asking because that trouble?
I did part reading here in past posts around the 93, 94 wildcats. Over there were combined reviews. There can be stator problems and also there is the possibility of efi involves in general. (sensors and elect. Connections) mainly I read about concerns with the battery needing to constantly be in optimal condition. Low or no battery strength = no start. I purchase a 94 at the end of last season. I have not had much time to try it the end yet but I to be liking the 2 pull starts, and seems to desire to operation strong. Ns really feel that no matter what sled friend have, if it was bought used and also the front owner(s) did not take care of it, then it can be a headache. I say walk for the Wildcats rock.
I just traded my 1993 700EFI Wildcat this loss with 7900 mile on it. End the years I changed the battery a couple of times and also last winter replaced the fuel pump. Ns think I additionally replaced a shock in the skid. Other than the I had actually no troubles with the sled.In 1993 that was obtainable with carbs - I"m no sure about other years. The is a good handling sled however is likewise a an extremely heavy sled. The chair is quite hard and so is the suspension. This makes for a harsh ride if you"re riding unstable trail. It always started within 3 pulls and nicely warmed itself up while I acquired my helmet and also gloves on.I have heard that those 700"s had actually a bad reputation for being unreliable however I had very couple of problems.

Mine operated real good. Ns never had actually a difficulty with it and also it was an EFI. Ns think it is a an excellent sled. However it is heavy!! mine 99 ZRT 600 is a way much better handling sled than the 93 Wildcat i had. Ns think you will certainly really choose it. It is no a sluggish sled by any kind of means. I provided to bury the needle prefer nothing.. Great luck whatever you decide. Rammer..I dunno
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