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Customers: Please keep in mind that because these coins room older, castle may have actually blemishes and/or imperfections and also are not guaranteed to be in excellent uncirculated condition.

Whether early out totheir investment or collectible value, silver- Eagle coins have end up being highly seek after due to the fact that they were very first released by the United says Mint end thirty year ago. As a product the the prestigious united state Mint, each 1 trojan oz coin has actually been crafted native the finest 99.9% pure silver and bears size of 40.6 mm x 2.98 mm in diameter and also width respectively. The 1992 edition of the coin once again features Adolph A. Weinman’s timeless design, shown on each American silver- Eagle because the program’s inception.

Coin Highlights:

Mintage of just 5,540,068 coins!Individual coins ship in plastic coin flips, multiples that 20 ship in mint tubes, and multiples that 500 delivery in mint boxes.Contains 1 oz the .999 silver. $1 USD confront value.Face value and purity backed by the federal government.Eligible for use in Precious metals IRAs.

Upon closer examination, collectors space sure to appreciate the intricate design of each engraving as well as the high level of ability it required to carve the end such facility detail. The former of the coin functions the personification of Liberty together she philosophies the climbing sun. She holds a heap of branches in one hand while extending the other one in invitation. This relenten of Lady Liberty illustrates just how graciously our nation welcomes those who come here and how willingly us share our abundant resources and opportunities.

The reverse side that the coin is stamped through the an excellent Seal of the unified States. This crest consists of a shield framed by the outspread wing of the bald eagle. In the eagles its the opposite talons, the balances one olive branch v a set of arrows. The olive branch is a price of the peace that we wish come instill in ~ our country. The collection of arrows displayed the protective actions executed by our government in order come ensure the peace. The patriotic emblems serve as a reminder the the beliefs and also values that we together a nation must proceed to uphold.

JM Bullion ships all orders over $199 completely totally free of charge. Added insurance versus theft, loss and damage is provided at no extra fee as well. As with all commodities which are limited in availability, we recommend customers purchase these coins while gives are still available.

For an ext information about this 1992 American silver Eagle Coin, please call us at 800-276-6508. You can additionally reach us via live chat or by making use of our digital forms. Various other grades and editions that this specific piece are accessible on ours website as well and include coins choose the 1992 NGC American silver Eagle MS69. We look front to helping you ar your stimulate or answering any kind of questions you may have.

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