If that is less complicated to walk up a hill 보다 to journey up, friend may have actually a poor fuel filter. Read on to learn exactly how to replace the fuel filter on her Honda Accord.

This article uses to the Honda Accord (1990-2002).

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For Honda owners who don"t perform continuous maintenance, among the items that at some point needs to be replaced is the fuel filter. Yet it"s not as poor as it sounds. If you are overdue because that this task, friend may an alert that under tougher and steeper road problems your Accord might feel sluggish. A experienced can do this job pretty quickly, but at a price. It may take friend a bit longer, but you can do it because that a portion of the cost. Select either option, however remember the running through a negative fuel filter will at some point lead to clogged fuel injectors in ~ best. In ~ worst, it may bring about a damaged fuel pump and also fuel system.


Materials NeededNew fuel filter10, 14, and also 17 mm flare seed wrenchesFluid record panShop rags

Perform this task in a well-ventilated area since the gas fumes may be harmful.

Step 1 – Disconnect battery and also relieve the fuel device pressure

Disconnect the an unfavorable (black) terminal from the battery. Then, eliminate the gas lid to relax gas press from the fuel system.

Figure 1. Disconnect an unfavorable battery terminal prior to starting.
Figure 2. Remove gas lid to relieve fuel mechanism pressure.
Pro TipsTo relax the fuel mechanism pressure, girlfriend can additionally loosen the gas push bolt in ~ the finish of the fuel rail. If you use the bolt method, make sure that friend re-tighten it when the task is finished.If friend don"t relieve the pressure prior to starting, it will be more challenging to remove or unplug all the important parts.

Step 2 – locate the fuel filter

The fuel filter location is different on certain model years.

1990-1994: Accord fuel filter are situated on the passenger"s side firewall.1995-2002: Accord fuel filters are situated on the rear of the engine, near the brake understand cylinder.

Step 3 – eliminate the reduced fuel line and the upper fuel heat Banjo bolt

Once you have actually located the fuel filter, usage the 14 mm wrench and also rotate counterclockwise to loosen the nut from the reduced fuel line. Location the fluid capture pan under this area come catch any type of spilled gas. Once the seed is removed, pull the lower fuel line off and set it aside. Then, usage the 17 mm flare nut wrench to ease the Banjo bolt on upper fuel line. Turn the wrench counterclockwise to ease the bolt, and then eliminate the fuel line by hand.

Figure 3. Eliminate 14 mm bolt indigenous the bottom fuel line.
Figure 4. Remove 17 mm Banjo bolt from upper fuel line.

Step 4 – remove the clamp bolts

Using the 10 mm flare seed wrench, unfasten two bolts indigenous the clamp that organize the fuel filter in place.

Figure 5. Eliminate two 10 mm bolts indigenous fuel filter clamp.

Step 5 – replace the fuel filter and reattach the clamp

Unclip the alignment hole holding the optimal of the fuel filter in place, and then remove the fuel filter indigenous the clamp. Dispose the the old filter and place the new fuel filter in the clamp. Then, insert the fuel filter clamp to its initial location and also secure it v the 2 10 mm bolts.

Figure 6. Remove and replace the fuel filter indigenous the clamp.

Step 6 – Reconnect the upper and also lower fuel lines

Before reconnecting the upper fuel line, insert two brand-new washers. Then, tighten the 17 mm Banjo bolt come a snug fit. Reconnect the reduced fuel line, and also secure it v the the 14 mm bolt to a snug fit together well.

Figure 7. Re-attach the bottom fuel line.
Pro Tip

Your instead of filter may have come through replacement washers. If not, you should replace the washers that the top fuel line once you replace the filter.

Step 7 – Re-check the fuel lines and bolts

Double examine that your fuel lines and bolts are appropriately secure.

Here space the bolts and corresponding fuel lines:

One 14 mm bolt because that the bottom fuel lineOne 17 mm Banjo bolt because that the top fuel lineTwo 10 mm bolts because that the fuel filter bracket

Step 8 – test the new fuel filter

Tighten the gas cap (or gas press bolt at the finish of the fuel rail), and reconnect the an unfavorable (black) battery terminal. Revolve the ignition to the "ON" position 4 times (without starting the engine). This is to element the new fuel filter with gas. Revolve the engine on for the 5th turn. V the automobile running, check the brand-new fuel filter for any kind of leaks. If you see any kind of leaks, revolve off the engine and also re-tighten the fuel lines.

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Figure 8. Double check the all fittings space secure.

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