Topps Tiffany Baseball cards room synonymous for supplying upgraded version of the company’s sets from 1984 with 1991. One means to determine them is with the glossy coating on the front. If this isn’t the hardest thing, without the correct light, it can sometimes be tricky.

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On the backs, Tiffany cards have actually white backs. For the flagship 792-card sets, this is a fast means to tell as the constant cards are published with gray stock. The contrast in between the two space obvious.


But this technique falls apart for Topps Traded sets. Both the common and Tiffany sets have white share on the back.


There’s a third means to determine Topps Tiffany cards that functions for some (but not all) to adjust that can be especially valuable with Traded cards. You might want to speak to it the Star Method.

It needs a closer look at the back. An ext exact, it calls for you to counting stars in the fine print.

Identifying Topps Tiffany Cards through the Stars ~ above the Back

As because that Tiffany sets, some have them, part don’t. And also those that execute don’t always match up with their flagship counterparts.


Top – 1986 Topps Traded, Bottom – 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany

So understanding the number stars space on which ago is one an ext tool for confirming a rarer Topps Tiffany map from a constant card.

For the bigger sets, the Star technique doesn’t work-related all that frequently as the number of * generally matches. However with the different card stocks on the back, it’s likewise not together important.

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The Star method comes right into play more for Topps Traded and also Topps Traded Tiffany cards. This is where you’ll find much more sets wherein the star counts don’t align. Through both the these have actually bright backs, this straightforward trick provides the job of informing the 2 apart that much easier.

It’s precious noting the in 1990 and 1991, constant Topps Traded sets have actually both gray and also white backs. These different cards the were put in packs and those that came in the classic Traded crate set. Not only is the map stock different, however the number of * is various in each.

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Topps Vs. Topps Tiffany back Comparisons

Here’s a collection comparing Topps and the corresponding Topps Tiffany card backs so you deserve to quickly check the card stock and number of stars. The variety of * on individual backs are noted.