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We are pleased to sell for revenue this five Dollar bill Silver Certificate STAR NOTE series 1953 united state Currency an excellent or Better. This $5 silver- Certificates space nice original bills i m sorry grade great or better. These $5 silver- Certificates to be redeemable for silver- dollars or silver- bullion up till 1964. These notes are STAR notes from series 1953 (random choose our selection 1953, 1953 A through B). Each bill comes in a currency sleeve for protection. These$5 silver Certificates will make a nice enhancement to any currency collection!

Information top top these silver Certificate collection 1953 five Dollar Bills:

In 1929 all US money was adjusted to that current modern size. Series 1934 $5 silver- Certificates to be the very first small size $5 silver Certificates issued. Series 1953 to be the second and last collection issued. The obverse attributes a cropped variation of Abraham Lincoln"s portrait the was previously featured ~ above the tiny size $5 silver- Certificates. The reverse of the bill attributes the Lincoln Memorial and is in the format we understand today. The collection 1953 bill can be differentiated from past collection by the gray numeral "5" ~ above the left next of the obverse. Past series (1934) had actually the character "5" published in blue. Also, top top the obverse on the best side the the bill "FIVE" and also the treasury seal have been made smaller in size. One more difference native the 1934 collection is "Washington D.C." has actually been relocated from under the collection to above the "FIVE".

What is a Star Note?

A Star note is a bank note v an asterisk (*) or star placed prior to or after ~ the serial number. The office of Engraving and Printing (BEP) uses replacement Star Notes as soon as a bill is uncovered defective throughout printing. These error notes are changed with Star notes . A Star keep in mind is used since no two bills deserve to be published with the exact same serial number in a series. The bureau have the right to keep an exact count the bills printed in every serial number run by using Star Notes. On commonwealth Reserve Notes, the star is wherein the block letter or last letter of the serial number is. ~ above Legal soft Notes and Silver Certificates, the star is whereby the pre-fix or first letter that the serial number is.

Star notes were also used because that the 100,000,000th keep in mind in a series. This to be the last keep in mind in the block of serial numbers. The number is numbered machines can not print over 8 digits. Star Notes space no much longer used for this. Currently the highest range of serial numbers are scheduled for uncut sheets offered to collector"s. Regular notes printed for circulation carry out not with this number in the block.

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The rarity that Star Notes relies on the "run" size. This identify the variety of notes that space printed and also released right into circulation. The BEP currently prints Star note in maximum runs of 3.2 million. This is 100,000 32 note sheets. The runs space smaller depending upon how many Star Notes are needed. The smaller sized the run the an ext rare the Star keep in mind is. Collectors consider a operation of 640,000 notes or much less rare.

What is a silver- Certificate?

Silver certificate were unified States money authorized in the act of conference of February 28, 1878 and issued through 1964. Large size silver- Certificates were issued with 1923 and also then the currency readjusted to the little or modern size we usage today. Silver- Certificates every have distinguishing blue seals. Silver- Certificates might be exchanged for silver dollars or silver- bullion. The Silver legislation of 1963 changed this, discontinuing redemption for silver dollars in 1964; then silver- bullion in 1968 (based on silver price the $1.29 every ounce). Little size silver- Certificates have actually been authorize in $1, $5, and $10 denominations.

Small size $1 silver- Certificates were published in many series: 1928, 1928 A through E, 1934, 1935, 1935 A through H, 1957, 1957 A and B. $5 silver Certificates were additionally printed in lot of series: 1934, 1934 A through D, 1953, 1953 A with C.

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$10 silver Certificates were printed in multiple series as well: 1933, 1933 A, 1934, 1934 A through D, 1953, 1953 A and also B.