The minimum 1942 fifty percent dollar value is $8.73 and also it rises and falls with the price that silver. Note: This price is for a silver half dollar mirroring wear indigenous circulation.


Your coin is component of the go Liberty collection and that does have actually potential because that much higher value. It depends mainly on the condition. Millions of halves were minted in the 1940"s and also many the those date 1942 have survived and also are easily accessible today. Worn instances are taken into consideration common and are worth a little preminum to their silver value.

The high finish value the a 1942 half dollar is separated indigenous the typical by the problem of the coin. Collectors usually add an "uncirculated" instance of a 1942 fifty percent to their collections. This rare quality coins room still in the problem as lock left the mint, lustrous, and also no wear to the surfaces. That is among these top condition coins that larger demand and premium values space found.

The coin pictured is one any collector or dealer is in the sector for. This 1942 half dollar is precious $30 or higher. Referee your fifty percent dollars compare them to the photos below. Knowing the condition gives specific value indigenous the chart.

1942 half dollars were developed in Philadelphia, Denver and also San Francisco.

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The various mints are identified by mintmarks, "D" for the Denver mint and "S" offered by the mountain Francisco mint. Those there is no a mintmark wherein struck at Philadelphia. Research the reverse along the rim in ~ the eight o"clock position, if the mark is existing it"s tiny and occupying the room just under the branch.

Standout 1942 fifty percent Dollar Value

Let"s focus on the condition of the 1942 fifty percent dollar pictured. It offered at a David Lawrence rarely coin auction because that $805. A worth far above the normal price the a coin in "Uncirculated" condition. What sets this coin apart and causes together a high bid?

Standout features present with this coin are:

1) Booming luster, bright white silver- in shade and totally brilliant.

2) Highly thorough strike, wade Liberty halves are regularly softly struck, right here is a interlocutor exception.

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3) Blemish free surfaces, no nagging clues or distracting nicks. What couple of contact marks uncovered are minor and also shallow in severity.

Seldom is uncovered an old silver fifty percent dollar with so lot eye appeal. Conveniently a candidate come those collectors choosing only the best coins to include to your collection.


1942 half Dollar worth is Conditional

Collectors assembling a collection of walking Liberty halves strive to include high quality examples to their collection. Typically fewer of this old silver half dollars endure in far better condition, as a result these nicer coins room worth more. To accurately ar a value on yours, each is judged and a "grade" is resolved. Dealers and collectors both use the terms found below. Compare your coin to the images and also descriptions, recognize the grade and also 1942 fifty percent dollar value.