Silver Dollars1840-1873 seated Liberty DollarsWe salary $15 for most scrap seated Liberty dollars in good condition. However, some Seated Liberty dollarsare worth much an ext and us will check your sit Liberty dollar come tell you if it is a rare and an useful coin. Because that example, "S" mint coins are very prized through collectors. Uncover an 1870-S, 1871-CC or 1855 in good condition and also it is precious hundreds. Far better preserved examples, in greater "Grades" are easily worth thousands.

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The sit Liberty dissension was produced from 1840 to 1873. This coin was designed through the cook engraver Christian Gobrecht. Ahead versions that this dollar v Christian Gobrecht"s name on them were referred to as Gobrecht dollars.
The front of this coin is graced through Lady Liberty in a seated position, and the reverse consists of a left-facing outright eagle.
Seated Liberty Dollars were originally minted at the Philadelphia mint (these save on computer no mint mark), and were additionally later minted in new Orleans (O), san Francisco (S), and also Carson City (CC).
The seated Liberty disagreement is an remarkable coin that witnessed the United says through together perilous times together the Civil war (1861–1865). The sit Liberty Dollar deserve to be a bit more expensive the it"s cousins the Morgan and Peace Dollars, however for the major investor it may be precious it.
Below is a list of the 10 most an useful Seated Liberty Dollar ever before sold. If you have actually one the these, lug it in and we will be glad to help you obtain it graded and also find a buyer.
* notification as the December 2006 the is illegal to melt down US produced Pennies and Nickels, and there is a $10,000 well to help enforce the law. The is legal however to melt under silver dollars, half dollars, dimes, soldier for your content.

1878-1921 Morgan silver Dollars
We salary $15 for many scrap Morgan silver- Dollars - in great condition. However, part Morgan silver Dollars are worth much more. Gold kings will check your Morgan silver Dollar to tell you if it is a rarely and valuable coin. Because that example, "S" mint Morgan silver Dollars are highly prized by collectors. Find an 1893-S, 1892-S or 1895-S in great condition and also it is precious hundreds. Much better preserved examples, in greater "Grades" are quickly worth hundreds.
Morgan silver- Dollars stand for the finest in silver coin manufacturing of that time. It"s the most beneficial of the silver coins the joined States has actually minted in the late 1800"s and also early 1900"s partly due to the fact that of it"s size, and silver content.
The Morgan silver- Dollar is not coin you want to carry around in her pocket. At nearly 27 grams and also an inch and a half in diameter this baby is huge and heavy by contemporary day coin standards.
Below is a perform of the 25 most an useful silver dollars. If you have one the these, carry it in and we will be happy to help you obtain it graded and find a buyer

The tranquility Dollar is graced with the head the Lady Liberty, and the reverse contains and image of a majestic outright eagle. The artwork / design was that of Antonio de Francisci an Italian immigrant born back in 1887.
Peace Dollars all have the indigenous "in god us trvst", yet it"s no a assignment error. It"s in reality the Latin spelling because that the word. For this reason it means "In God us Trust".
If you space a pan of Batman and also have check out the comics or seen the movie this is the coin flipped through the villain Two-Face.
Here space the 10 most valuable Peace Dollarthat were minted and also released into common circulation. (updated: 2014). These are common non-error coins the you can find in antique shops and also at estate sells everywhere.

1986-Current American silver- Eagle
We pay $17 for many scrap American silver- Eagles in great condition. However, some American silver- Eagle space worth much much more and we will inspect your American silver Eagles come tell girlfriend if it is a rarely and an important coin. For example, find an 1995-W in great condition and also it is precious hundreds. Better preserved examples, in greater "Grades" are conveniently worth thousands.Officially, American silver- Eagles are one-dollar coins. Since they are one-dollar coins,American silver- Eagle space often dubbed American Eagle silver Dollars. However, castle are typically known together American Eagles.
Since American silver Eagle coins were introduced in 1986, an ext than 200 million have actually been minted, make American silver Eagles the most successful U.S. Mint silver bullion coins ever.
Each American silver- Eagle consists of one oz .999 fine silver- bullion and carries a symbolic $1 face value. As detailed above, the one-dollar challenge value provides American silver Eagle "silver dollars.” In the coin industry, however, “silver dollars” describe old silver dollars produced 1878-1904 and 1921-1935.

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Further, the American silver Eagle"s one-dollar confront value officially renders American silver- Eagleslegal tender. Since the law that permits the U.S. Mint to turn out American silver- Eagle classifies castle “numismatic,” the Mint is allowed to sellAmerican silver Eagle at prices over the one-dollar confront value.

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