This reality series follows the exploits the a fundamentalist Christian family members whose spiritual beliefs drive them to have as many kids as possible. The series aired ~ above TLC from 2008 until 2015, once news damaged that one of the family"s sons had actually molested numerous young girls, including some of his sisters. The dispute further broadened when a plot come cover increase the molestation surfaced, and the series was eventually cancelled.

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Erica Hill sits down through the Duggar household to talk about all points family, marriage, babies, and new courtships from their milestone year. Plus, a few unexpected guests protect against by.

Let"s talk around love! take it a look ago at every Duggar couple from courtships to an initial kisses. To add the couples dish on tricks for a happy relationship! We"ll see how human being on the street react to Duggar date do"s and also dont"s.

A behind-the-scenes look in ~ the camera crew that has actually been following the Duggar family members for the last ten years.
Jill and Derick space anxious for the arrival of your baby, but when complications arise, the pair may need to wait a little longer prior to welcoming infant Dilly.
The Duggar girl decide it"s time because that a bedroom-redo since Jill and also Jessa have moved out. Jill security the job shopping because that nursery furniture. Meanwhile, Anna has her very first midwifery appointment in DC. Earlier in Arkansas, Josie experience a clinical crisis.
Jessa and also Ben move into their an initial home and Jessa provides dinner. In DC, Anna and Jill do a special craft while josh educates Derick around fatherhood.
Back to the grind, Michelle and the little ones take dog Bubba because that a bath. Pleasure delegates chores in different way now that Jill and also Jessa room out that the house. Anna sews up a current for Jessa and also Ben, when Jill and also Derick to visit their very first birthing class.
Jill and Derick Dillard discover out the gender of their baby and also reveal the exciting news in ~ a party because that the whole family.
The family members comes together for Jessa"s special day. Yet with gloomy weather predictions, a huge bridal party and also a list of non-traditional requests, will every little thing go off without a hitch?
Jessa and Ben get their video game on as they organize a flag football game. Before the couple ties the knot, the Duggar household walks down memory lane and reminisces about Jessa.
Jill, Derick, Jessa, and also Ben go on a twin date if the household enjoys a pizza party. Later on it"s all around the last details that the wedding.
While Jessa and Ben register for gifts, Ben it s okay distracted. Later, Jessa and Ben join Joy and Jason for some exercise prior to the wedding; and Jill and Jana prepare a Nepalese enjoy the meal for Derick.
Michelle attends her 30th high-school reunion, but details around her past surprise her family. Later, Johannah celebrate her nine birthday through a horseback-riding party.
Jason and also James produce a distinct recipe for the rehearsal dinner, yet will Jessa and Ben approve? Ben draft the perfect wedding ring because that Jessa when the girls visit a local florist for your Duggar-sized wedding party.
With your wedding just a few weeks away, Jessa and also Ben ask josh to style their wedding invitations. Jim Bob joins man David top top a police ride along.
With just 6 weeks until the large day, Jessa & Ben space eating and also drinking wedding planning. Meanwhile, Jill & Derick to visit their an initial midwife appointment. And Jinger takes Ben & Jessa"s engagement photos.
Jessa go wedding dress shopping with quite the entourage. Meanwhile, Jill & Derick get a special gift from the DC Duggars.
The household makes plans for Jessa"s upcoming wedding to Ben Seewald. Jessa knows specifically what she wants, however will there be time to acquire it? Meanwhile, Jill share life-changing news.

This reality collection follows the exploits that a fundamentalist Christian family members whose religious beliefs journey them to have actually as many children as possible. The series aired ~ above TLC from 2008 until 2015, when news damaged that among the family"s sons had molested many young girls, consisting of some that his sisters. The conflict further increased when a plot come cover increase the molestation surfaced, and also the series was eventually cancelled.

19 Kids and also Counting is a series that is currently running and also has 13 seasons (250 episodes). The series very first aired ~ above September 29, 2008.

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Where to clock 19 Kids and Counting

19 Kids and also Counting is available for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can likewise watch 19 Kids and also Counting on demand at Vudu, Microsoft movie & TV, Google Play and Apple TV.