The 1878 Liberty Head $2.50 gold Coins were as soon as again produced in the Philadelphia and also San Francisco mints. Hundreds of Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coins were made that year, (464,000+) – an astounding number given the fairly tiny mintages seen during the previous couple of years within the Liberty Head $2.50 gold Coin series. However, just like past Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coins, the actual quantity that make it through today, is much, much lower than the high mintage suggests. This is a common case for pre-1933 U.S. Coins, which were melted in large numbers during the 20th century.

When it concerns collecting these coins, collectors always look because that the coins that have actually been preserved through the years. Unfortunately, because these coins room well end 100 years old they are increasingly challenging to uncover in great condition.

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Grading the 1878 Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coin

For any kind of coin that has been approximately for end a century, girlfriend will have to carefully consider the coin’s in its entirety condition. While part coins in negative condition might still be very valued, the is usually only coins that are in excellent condition that are pursued by coin collectors. Detect coins in this problem can prove to be quite difficult, however, as they have actually been roughly so long.

When you are examining a coin, you are trying to identify the coin’s grade. If a coin’s yes, really grade must be assigned through a professionally recognized grading company, you can use the guide listed below to acquire a good idea of exactly how your coin might be graded.

Uncirculated: Coins in this condition are the ones the collectors space most frequently trying to obtain. These coins have actually never been supplied in everyday circulation, and have preserved a near-perfect condition. Feather at this coins, they will show up to be brand new, as if they were simply struck today.

Extremely Fine: Coins the are provided a class of very fine may likewise be extremely coveted through coin collectors. These coins will, however, exhibit part minor wear and also tear or damage. These coins will appear at a glance to be in pristine condition, back under closer examination you may seem slim scratches or damage.

Fine: most coins offered a grade of fine have been greatly circulated for some time. This coins will likely have surface scratches, although the coin’s imagery and details will certainly remain totally intact.

Good: The majority of Liberty Head $2.50 gold Coins top top the open sector today are considered to it is in in good condition. These coins have actually been supplied for decades, and also they will clearly show some indicators of use and also damage. Collectors will frequently stay away from coins in this condition, although they might still be an important based ~ above their form and mintage.

Pricing the 1878 Liberty Head $2.50 gold Coin

To give the 1878 Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coin precise price, friend must first look at its type. 2 different types of this yellow coin were created in 1878, so the kind of the coin will be an initial thing playing into how much you room going to pay. Secondly, the condition means everything to many collectors. Those coins the are far better preserved regularly sell for much more than those the aren’t. The chart listed below will aid you obtain a an excellent idea regarding how lot you might be paying for a 1878 Liberty Head $2.50 gold Coin offered its grade and type.

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Liberty Head $2.5 gold Coin

1878 Liberty Head $2.5 gold CoinN/AN/A$365$375
1878 Liberty Head $2.5 gold Coin (S)N/AN/A$365$375
Source: Red Book

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