This residence was finest known as "1313 Mockingbird Lane" the house of TV"s The Munsters.

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When the no hope Housewives relocated in, the house was remodelled to make it look much less spooky. ~ above that display it"s to be the home of the Mullin family members (?-2005), Betty Applewhite (2005–2006), Alma Hodge (2007) and also the Hunter/McDermott family (2007–present).

1964 GlamorTram overcome the Munster house with the "Harvey" house in the background. This shot mirrors the original colonial Street layout (then recognized as flow Road) ~ above the north side of the backlot.


Originally built for the 1946 movie "So Goes my Love" (aka "A Genius in the Family") the house was initially the residence that Hiram and also Percy Maxim, so the was known as the "Maxim House" because that years till the Munsters come along in 1964 (the show was in production until 1966).

The attend to used by The Munsters was 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

A "Munsters" fan has constructed a full-scale version of the home - read an ext here.

The house has now been fully remodelled because that Desperate Housewives so it now looks favor this:

(September 2006)


" name="thumb1" width="200" height="161" border="0" class="vte-auto" id="thumb1" title="Still from Just across the Street (1952) - click to enlarge" />
Still native Just throughout the Street (1952)
" name="thumb2" width="200" height="160" border="0" class="vte-auto" id="thumb2" title="Still from One Desire (1955) - click to enlarge" />
Still native One Desire (1955)
" name="thumb2" width="200" height="114" border="0" class="vte-auto" id="thumb2" title="Still indigenous Rock-A-Bye baby (1958) - click to enlarge" />
Still indigenous Rock-A-Bye baby (1958)

viewed on Screen: universal Studios Hollywood
So Goes mine Love aka A Genius in the Family 1946Frank Ryan
Colonial Street set (Maxim house / Munster House, Harvey House) were an initial built on stage 12 for this movie.
Another part of the Forest 1948Michael Gordon
Colonial Street - the ha house collection was constructed on a sound phase for this movie and also was relocated to colonial Street in 1950. It stayed there alongside the Munster house until 1981.
Just throughout The Street 1952Joseph Pevney
Colonial Street (Munster house)
One Desire 1955Jerry Hopper
Colonial Street (Pink place - Cromwell house, Munster House)
Leave It to Beaver 1957 - 1963Various
Some scenes to be shot on stage 30, which to be demolished in 2010. Phase 17 was likewise used. Exteriors for seasons 3-6 to be shot on colonial Street, using what ended up being known as the Cleaver House. The Munster home was likewise seen.
Wagon Train 1957-1965Lawrence Menkin
Denver Street, 6 Points Texas, colonial Street Munster house (Kitty Pryer Story, 1963), stage 19, Psycho residence (Eleanor Culhane Story, 1961)
Rock-A-Bye Baby 1958Frank Tashlin
Colonial Street (Harvey House, Munster House)
The Munsters 1964Ezra Stone
Colonial Street - Munster home. Phase 30 & phase 32 were supplied for interiors.
Munster, go Home 1966Earl Bellamy
Colonial Street (Munster House and also Harvey House), Psycho residence on the backlot is featured in the main titles.
Dragnet 1967 1967-1970Jack Webb
Backlot Apartments and also Colonial Street (Johnson Character"s House and Munster House) sets.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker 1974-1975Jeffrey approve Rice
Colonial Street (Munster House)
The Munsters" Revenge 1981Don Weis
Colonial Street backlot collection (Munster House)
The Munsters now (aka The brand-new Munsters) 1987 - 1991Arthur Annecherico
3-camera sitcom filmed in prior of a live studio audience at Universal. Special effect sequences were filmed in development and played ago to the audience throughout the shoot.
Colonial Street Munster residence exteriors
Desperate Housewives 2004 - 2012Marc Cherry
Colonial Street and Elm Street and Stage 01 , stage 03, stage 04, stage 05. In Season 1 illustration 18 the log Cabin appeared as Camp Hennessey. Colonial Street sets featured: Delta House, Munster House, Harvey House, continuous House, Dana House, Burbs House, Providence House, Cleaver House

The Studio Backlot Tram tourism 1964 - The Munsters residence was a main attribute in studio tourism advertisements materials.

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